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What is Vestige and How it Started?

Constant new opportunities are being created in the country, due to which the position of the country is becoming stronger. Today we are one of the Top 5 economies in the world. Direct selling or network marketing on this line is also developing rapidly in our country. This “Future-Oriented Business” is the future business.

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Vestige India Marketing Company

In view of this, different companies related to network marketing are also trying to establish their feet. Many foreign and Indian companies are also trying to increase network marketing in our country.

On the same lines, Vestige Marketing Company Vesties was started by Gautam Bali, Deepak Sood, Kanwarbir Singh on June 2, 2004, with just two offices in Delhi (Delhi) and Bangalore (Banglore) which had only one purpose or we can say that “Wealth Through Wellness” means healing the health of the people without any duplication.

Today, after about 16 to 17 years, the Vestige Company has more than 60 branch offices and more than 5000 distributor centers. It is a whole Indian Company.

The three directors of Vestige have more than 20 years of experience.

Gautam Bali Ji is the Managing Director Managing Director of the company. They make and manage all the plans of the company.

Kanwar Bir Singh Ji is the director of all online and technology related to the company Information Technology Director.

Deepak Sood Ji is the Director of Sales and Operations Director of Sales and Related Products.

About Gautam Bali (Managing Director)-

Gautam Bali, Managing Director, Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd.After playing a key role in various direct sales companies as CEO and consultant for decades, Mr. Bali laid the foundation of Vestiges, which he is successfully leading as an assistant with his unmatched domain expertise and business acumen.

Under his visionary leadership, Vestiges has been growing at an unprecedented rate every year and has become one of the top direct selling companies in India.

About KANWAR BIR SINGH ( Director)-


Powered by a rich experience in managing IT solutions for the direct sales industry over the years, Kanwar Bir Singh has been instrumental in integrating information technology solutions with complex business processes and bringing great change through digital empowerment.

About Deepak Sood-


An outstanding sales, marketing, and operations professional, and a renowned motivator, Deepak Sood played a key role in various direct sales companies.

Through his flexible leadership skills, he is consistently leading the Vestiges in bringing new practices on board and training thousands of people every year through their specially designed training programs for direct sales professionals.

Vestige Head Offices and Networks-

Today Vestige Marketing Company Vestige Company has reached out with India to other countries like Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Philippines, Nigeria, and other countries.

By 2025, it will be active in at least 50 countries in the world. The fast Vestig company is moving towards its target, it will achieve the target of 50 countries before 2025.

[note note_color=”#f5020b” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”10″]Read More-Vestige Head Branches and Office [/note]

Today Vestige’s head office is in Okhla, Delhi, and Manufacturing Unit production center is in Himachal Pradesh Baddi. It is spread over 2,25,000 sq ft. Here all the work from production to packing is done by state-of-the-art machines.

Due to such a large network, the demand for Vestige Products Online is increasing in the country and recently the company has launched many new products. The company has launched all its products.

[note note_color=”#f5020b” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”10″]Read More-Vestige All Product List 2020[/note]

Vestige Company Overview-

Official Name Vestige Marketing Company Limited
Website https://www.myvestige.com/
Company Identify Number U51909DL2004PTC126738
Director Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh, Deepak Sood
Head Office Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase II, New Delhi 110 020
Started On 02, June,2004
Customer Care Number


Chennai: 044-28252516

Bhubaneswar: 0674-2573326

Kolkata North: 033-40016441

Kolkata South: 033-40034921

Deals In

Agriculture, Supplements, Health Care, Food, Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, Personal Care, Oral Care, Home Hygiene and Mach-Drive

Vestige Opportunities-

The startling thing for every journey is knowledge, if you have knowledge about the route you have to travel, the journey is going to be easier and more successful.

We at Vestiges will emphasize that when you have registered yourself as a Westies Distributor, please read the marketing plan and understand the opportunity that lies ahead of you to fulfill your dreams.

The Vestige Marketing plan has been designed as an equal business opportunity for all those who are associated with the Vestige Company.

The marketing plan ensures that you earn in proportion to the efforts you put in and provide benefits such as leadership bonuses and pool income. These incomes are further enhanced by adding downline performance so that it is always profitable to create more leaders in your group.

As downline becomes successful, you become more successful.

Thus both things are quite different from each other and this is the reason which gives the common man an opportunity to do business. Let us now talk about the Vestiges Business Plan –

Vestige Business Plan-

Vestige provides very beneficial bonuses for the efforts put into the trade. The VestigeMarketing Plan is a cumulative plan, where you never fall from the level of achievement and keep on achieving a higher level. That is to say that your earlier efforts and achievements are always counted in calculating your bonus.

If you too ever thought of doing any business and were wondering how we, the common man, can do a business because everyone thinks that to trade would require a huge cost and qualification. But the Vestige marketing company never accepted this.

Here anyone can get start his business from Rs. 1000. Your Caste, Background, Age, and Qualification have no role in the Vestige Business Plan.

If you have communication skills, then by joining this Vestige Plan you can earn millions.

But to do this business, you have to join it first so that you can become its legal distributor and later on you can earn money from it.

[note note_color=”#f5020b” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”10″]Read More-Vestige Marketing Company Business Plan 2020[/note]

How to Join Vestige And Become Distributor (Register and Login Process)-

There is no special requirement for this, but you are 18+, only then you can join it. To join-

Documents Any  Legal  documents  (Aadhar Card, Pan  Card, Voter  Card) and  Bank  account  detail
Eligibility 18+ or more
Joining   Through nearest vestige  branch  (offline) or contact any  existing  vestige distributor to join  under  their  downline
Fees No  Joining  Fees  however  you have  to purchase products  of a minimum  of  30 PV  (Approx 1000 rs.)

It is easy to become a distributor in Vestige and it does not require any special process. As soon as you join the downline of any distributor and buy 30 PV goods, you become a Vestige distributor.

Here we have written a detailed article about how you can join Vestige, so do read this article -Vestige Distributor Process

Now you too can add someone to your downline and earn money. If you want to open Vestige DLCP then you must read this article –Vestige Mini DLCP Online, Process, Rules, Information  | In this article, you have been given detailed information about all the things related to DLCP.

Key features Of Vestige?

  • Vestige Provide 9 type of income
  • Accumulative Business Plan
  • No Renewal Fees
  • No Joining Fees 
  • Wide range of products 
  • Indian Company

Why Vestige is the Best?

  1. Vestige Provide high rang of quality products

2. Products are affordable

3.Vestige has its own Manufacturing unit

4.Vestige Management is very strict in meeting the Quality Standards

5.Vestige is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplement Association (HADSA)

6. It has more than 50 branch offices and more than 4000 DLCPs.

7. This is the only company that has brought digital marketing into the network market. With the help of Vestige Apps, all today’s meetings are online and this is the reason that the people of this company do not lack support.

8. This is the only company in which more than 2 Lakh people join every month.

9.Vestige is included in the World Top 100 Direct Selling Companies. Recently Vestige was ranked 30.

10.Vestige also has an e-commerce portal named Best Deals where you can find everyday products like Grocery, Clothing Accessories, and more. Even Vestige’s best deals have offline stores across India.

Vestige Aatmnirbhar Success Plan 2020-

Recently Vestige launched its new Income plan which is also called Vestige Aatmnirbhar Success Plan 2020. This plan of Vestige company was created during the coronavirus epidemic, during this marketing plan Vestige made some major changes This plan has been implemented after June 2020.

Vestige atamnirbhar plan
Vestige atamnirbhar plan

After this plan, the number of people joining the Vestige has increased because Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has also supported “Self-reliant India”.

This has greatly benefited the Vestige Company, one that the company is completely Indian, and on the other hand, it is the only company in India that is included in the Top 50 Direct Selling Companies in the World. Below is the detailed Atamnirbhar Plan 2020-

[note note_color=”#f5020b” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”10″]Read More-Vestige Atamnirbhar Plan 2020[/note]

Vestige Income Success Plan 2020:-

Vestige Type Of Income
Vestige Type Of Income
  1. Saving on Consumption (10-20%)
  2. Performance Bonus  (5-11%)
  3. Bronze Director Bonus (4%)
  4. Business Building Bonus (13%)
  5. Leadership Overriding Bonus (16%)
  6. Travel Fund (5%)
  7. Car Fund (5%)
  8. House Fund  (3%)
  9. Elite Club Bonus2%)

Vestige Level Of Income in Full Detail- Vestige Levels,Conditions and Income 📈 Vestige Level Chart (in Hindi)

Quick Steps- How To Earn Money with Vestige and add Members in Downline 

vestige business plan
Earn money with vestige online

Friends, to earn money in the Vestige, you only need to do some work.

  1. Use Vestige Product
  2. Meeting or Recruitment
  • You should first use the product of Vestige yourself. Be absolutely sure about this that the quality of all the products of the Vestige is good and you can tell it to others. If you try all the products of the Vestiges yourself, then only you will move forward.
  • The second main task is meeting, meeting, and meeting. 

Apart from this, you can also read this detailed article, so that you will be able to add more and more people to the Vestiges7 Steps System to Start Vestige Business? Ways To Make Money In Vestige

One question that remains in every human mind before joining the Vestige is, are its products real? Because unless you are sure of yourself, while understanding the plan or adding people, there will be peace in your mind and you will not be able to progress.

That is why it is very important to know about Vestige Products.

All Products of Vestige? Is it  Genuine or  Fake  –

The name of the Vestige company has become famous due to the purity of its products. Today Vestige Catalog has over 400+ products. You can also check the product list of the company from the link given below-

[button url=”http://myvestigeproduct.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Vestige-Products.pdf” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#e01751″ color=”#ffffff” size=”7″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″] Vestige Product List PDF 2020[/button]

It is worth noting that no other company gives proof of the purity of all its products, but Vestige medicines to be 100% pure on each of its products.

Some products may be over-priced, but the cost of disease after eating adulterated cheese is a lot of good remedy than eating pure cheese once.

Once you read the reviews of Vestige Products and then trust yourself.

Apart from this, you must see the Vestige Full Product List in Detail.-Vestige Product List Updated October 2020 PV, DP in Hindi 

About Vestige Marketing Company?

In 2004, the Company was able to reach only 4000 people. Today after 16 years, it has made its place to more than 10,00,000 people. Its year-on-year average growth is around 100% percent. There is no other company in India that has grown so fast for so many years.

Company mainly Deals in-

  • Health Care
  • Personal Care 
  • Skin Care
  • Beauty Care 
  • Health Food
  • Agriculture Product
  • Transport Product
  • Home Care and Kitchen Products
  • Women Hygiene
  • Oral Care 
  • Men Grooming 
  • Water & Air Purifier 

And various other types of Vestige New Quality Products. High-quality products are available in your own cities at reasonable prices.

All products reach you only after meeting National & International Certified National and International Standards.

vestige product list
vestige product list

Today more than 10,000 people in the Westies earn more than Rs 50,000 and more than 2000 people earn Rs 1,00,000 and above.

By the end of 2019, more than 200 people have taken expensive cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar by Vestige Company.

Vestige Awards List-

    • In the year 2020, World’s Top 30 Networking Marketing Companies made it to the 30th position in the world rankings. The only company in India that managed to make it to the top 100 for four consecutive years.
    • This Company was ranked 63 in the world in the year 2019. Westies is the only company in India that has been among the top 100 network marketing companies in the world for three consecutive years.
    • Vestige Company Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) is a proud member of the Indian Direct Selling Association.
    • This company is a member of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association.
    • It is a member of the Good Manufacturing Practice Good Manufacturing Process (GMP).
    • The company has also been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Institute of Economic Studies.
    • Mr. Gautam Bali Ji has been awarded the Best CEO Award 2013 Best CEO Award.
    • Company Receives Most Admired Brand Leader Asia 2013-15 Most Admire Brand & Leaders, Asia Award
    • Products are Halal Certified.

According to Gautam Bali Ji, CEO, company is committed to success and prosperity which is visible in our business.

Our aim is to help you for a life in which you are financially free and live your life as you wish. May your life be blessed with good health and wealth.

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