Asta is my favorite character in this series! Where he starts as a common villager who has no magic powers in a world that has magic powers is insurmountable odds! For him to rise to the top of that is absolutely amazing! He reminds me a lot of what we are trying to do for this podcast. Start from the bottom and keep climbing to the top! Every Anime plot that starts with a character that wants to reach the highest rank always becomes the op character. Here is the all Black Clover Episodes Moments.

Black Clover Asta Best Moments-

What’s in the episode-

It’s the captains! The golden dawn’s definitely taking first place again this year! Wait, aren’t we missing some captains? After I told them over and over to be on time. Yami’s fate all the time, but I’m surprised about Charlotte. let’s announce the ranking. In the first place, The golden dawn. Do you think it’s the Crimson Lion Kings, like in the years before? Then it must be the Silver Eagles. In the second place, the black bulls! This has to be some kind of mistake. Maybe they threatened somebody. That’s not true! There’s no way they would’ve created! The black bulls risked their lives fighting the eye of the midnight sun to protect us! Hey is anyone from the Black bulls around? On top of that, they’ve childhood friends and they’re both just sixteen. They’re both very impressive youngsters. I wonder what noble families they’re from. They’re just very impressive youngsters. Apparently, they’re peasants from the boonies.

Not to mention Asta kids don’t even have magic. He doesn’t have any magic? All thought. Did they really use their ability to rise up the ranks? Audience- they are all the different level. Now fight is ready to happen between them. Watch episode black clover to know how it going?

About Anime-

The arrangement centers around Asta, a youthful vagrant who was raised from birth subsequent to being relinquished at the doorstep of a shelter in Hage town alongside his kindred vagrant, Yuno. While everybody is brought into the world with the capacity to use Mana as Magical Power (魔力, Maryoku), Asta is the main exemption. He attempts to increase mysterious force through actual preparation. Alternately, Yuno was conceived as a wonder with tremendous mystical force and the ability to control wind enchantment. Persuaded by a longing to turn into the following Wizard King, a power figure second to the ruler of Clover Kingdom, the two adolescents built up an amicable contention. Yuno gets an incredible four-leaf grimoire held by the realm’s first Wizard King.


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