Black Clover Episode 164-Black clover is one of the best anime premiered on October 3,2017. It is illustrated by Yuki Tabata and the story revolves around two orphan kids. Asta and Yuna have a dream to become a Wizard King but one of them doesn’t have superpowers. Yuki Tabata and his team make this series more interesting by adding a storyline.

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Like One piece and naruto, this anime comes out to have a massive fan following around the globe. Already 163 episodes are premiered on the official channel. Somewhere Yuno has a superpower and both the brother start their training in the heart kingdom for about six months.

The Darkish Disciple who had satan’s powers bestowed upon them attacked the Coronary heart Kindom. Vanica, who’s possed by Megicula, is the main ta assault on the Coronary heart Kingdom. Whereas Dante has attacked Black Bull’s base and the BB squad was no match for Dante’s gravity magic. Dante notices that Asta is just not giving up, and he determined to awaken Asta’s true emotions. He assaults Gauche with a blade, and Asta’s satan kind obtained powered up.

Asta went berserk, shedding himself to rage and hatred. He manages to land a strike on Dante, who feedback that he can pay for making him bleed. Dante determined that he has to get severe with Asta. He unleashes Magic Gravity: Heavy Infinity that Asta blocked utilizing his satan powers. Dante feedback that he appears like beating Asta to a pulp utilizing his fist. The 2 devils began to exchanging blows, and all the opposite BB members can see flashes of lightning. 

So here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of Black Clover. Now if you’re willing to know about how to watch an online free episode of  Black Clover Episode 164 Episode  English subbed release date, spoilers, and news download mp4.

Black Clover Episode 164 Release Date:

The new episode is titled “Battlefield: the Heart Kingdom,’ will release on February 16, 2021.

Don’t forget every Tuesday a new episode of this anime is premiered on Official Platforms. It is produced by Pierrot. Each episode runs up to 27 Minutes.

Official Partner- Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

Pierrot Studios (Naruto: Shippuden) produced the series.

Where to watch Black Clover Episode 164 English Subbed Episode in 720p,480p HD?

There are many official channels that simulcasting every episode of Black Episode. As we know this series is to end in March. For English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles you can tune into the Crunchyroll website. Funimation provides you a simuldub version of Black clover. Also, in China, Youku Tudou is providing their services.

We suggest you watch all the new episodes of Black clover from the official partner. As they provide different streaming options to stream episodes in HD (720p,480p) as well as provide you a download link of the episodes.

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  • When will it be released? Episodes are releasing weekly on Crunchyroll, Funimation every Tuesday
  • How many episodes will there be? It’s not officially confirmed but as we get the information we will update you as soon as possible.
  • What resolution can I watch in? 1080p for subscribers, and 480p for those viewing for free
  • What is the Episode Title? “Battlefield: the Heart Kingdom”.
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Black Clover Episode 164 Spoilers-

When Dante discovers {that a} satan additionally possesses asta, he tries to persuade the youth that the people are those who’s really evil. When one in every of Dante’s flying rocks impales Gauche, Asta snaps. There’s a second-long flashback of a lady calling him her son earlier than the satan takes over his physique. Regardless of Lucifero’s assurance that Asta’s satan is of the low tier, Dante discovers that Asta is predicting his actions. The episode ends as Asta lands a slash on Dante’s face. Because the title suggests, episode 163 will possible revolve across the battle between Dante and Yami.

Final Words- Black Clover: subbed or dubbed?

As we already said that all-new episodes are Released on the subbed version but you can read all the subtitles below the videos. So visit Funimation for the HD episodes mp4 with Japanese voice but English subtitles. Dubbed episode might be released after several weeks of Subbed episodes on Funimation.

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