7 Steps System to Start Vestige Business ? Earn Money

Hello friends, in this post we are talking about How to start  Vestige business in simple 7 steps. As we know vestige is one of the fastest-growing companies in India with over 35 headquarters and 60 head-offices. There are many people who still don’t know how vestige works or what is the Vestige Business plan.

What is a vestige business?

Vestige is India’s leading direct selling company which was started in 2004, which is now becoming one of the most leading and knowing companies in this field. It is becoming one of the most known companies across the world day by day with its world-class wellness products, which are too much helpful for many human reasons.

Vestige empowers its members with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms. With a motto to spread wealth through wellness.

Due to multiple reasons, people thought marketing is a fraud business so people afraid to tell people about it. But all the products that are on the market are a source of marketing. Companies like Patanjali, Herbal-life, or any companies you know all are in the marketing business for decades.

People believe that marketing is a fraud business, but not everyone wants to work hard, just because of this, they consider it a quick money scheme. But success cannot be achieved in any field without hard work. If you are also doing a job, then you have to wake up in the morning and leave for your work and the same is in the network. If you want to succeed in this, then you will have to put the time in it, but once successful, you don’t need to be work. 

There is a quote that –

Life cannot be changed in a minute, but a decision made in a minute can change everything.”.

As a human we all growing by doing a mistake or by trying new things. So Vestige’s marketing company gives us a chance to grow personally as well as financially. If you don’t know how this post is for you. We are talking about how to start your own vestige business with 7 simple steps to earn money.

7 steps to Start Vestige Business? Ways To Make Money In Vestige-

We already discuss the Vestige Business plan in our previous post. But knowing the business plan is not enough to go further because it cannot provide you blueprint what to do after joining the vestige.

But if you follow our 7 steps guidelines we assure you will 100% succeed in this business. All steps are simple, created by experienced people who are in the business for a long time.

This system is created so that people get successful in a short time without doing the mistake they do earlier in their business. So don’t get confused and let’s begin-

  1. Be 100% Product User-

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Now people think that vestige is a money-making system but they forget that this company starts for human health well fair. It mainly deals in health care, agriculture, personal care, or kitchen products. So before recommending any product to anybody it’s our duty to use all vestige products.

Without using a product you cannot get confidence in products. If you are not sure about the product how can you influence people to use vestige products?

So use as many products of vestige in your daily routine get results and then recommend another person to use it. You can start by using Soap, Toothpaste, tea, hair oil, Deodorant, or any other products.

Vestige all products are genuine as well as top quality. After using it you experience it which builds confidence in you that “If I recommend it to anybody, they will surely love it”.

With this confidence, your business starts growing quickly as you give them a genuine product review.

2. Talk with people about Product-

People Talking with Speech Bubbles

Now as you want to grow your business then it becomes your duty to tell or talk about vestige products with your friends, colleagues, or family. You have to follow step one before going further.

From our childhood, we are keen to tell you about new products about our relatives or friends. They also get fascinated if you get the result and the product is good. For instance, if you buy any new phone or shoes your friend always asks about its review and shows their interest in it.

The same process applies to Vestige Business, just buy products from vestige, use it, and review it. Now after usage tell to your friend and that’s how you can increase you’re earning on to go.

3. Make a list-

hero 5 27 list making

When you think of doing this business, you have to make a list of 100 closest people and after that, you have to add new people to this list. Now the question had arisen in your mind that how should we prepare this list and which people would be needed in it. For this, you can use a simple formula called “FRIENDS”.

  • F- Friends
  • R- Relatives
  • I- Institutions
  • E-Employees
  • N-Neighbours
  • D-Dreamers
  • S-Strangers

If you want to succeed in this business, then you will have to talk to all people and without shame, everyone will have to understand your plan so that more people can get involved and benefit from it.

Because in the end, this money is going to work for you, then you can tell about it with any kind of people, because the product list is large.

Note- Don’t prejudge the people after making the list. Just show your plan and review to all your friend. After that, it will there decision to say yes or no!


people coffee conversation invite church

If a person has an interest in business, then you can invite him by speaking business opportunities. If someone does a job, you can give them passive income invitations.

In the same way, you can invite students by saying their part-time income opportunity. An invitation is different from person to person, so it depends on you how you approach them.


How to Lead a Meeting People Want to Attend

Now after the invitation, the next step is to meet them. There are 3 ways to have a meeting like –

    • One to One meeting-
      In such a meeting, you will make a meeting plan to tell anyone about the Vestige Business Plan. In which you have to meet them and tell them about this Vestige plan.
      You can do this meeting anywhere, like in their house or by calling them outside or anywhere. The more you have one meeting, the more your confidence will increase and as a result, your communication skill will improve. So you must have at least 2 meetings every day.
    • House Meeting-
      In such a meeting, you invite your 10-13 friends to your home and show a plan with the appliance. That is why you can show a plan for a lot of friends together so that your business will grow quickly and you will be able to earn good money.
      Everyone has an advantage in this, because if they follow the same plan, then they too can earn from this business.
    • Seminar-
      The Next Step is to attend Vestige Seminars. Vestige organizes seminars every month for his appliances, where great directors, leaders, and achievers guide us towards a good strategic plan to achieve success.
      That is why if you ever have this seminar in your city, then take as many people as you can, because the skills to explain all plans, organized speeches and plans will clear the vision of your friends and they will be fascinated by this business.

#6.Teamwork –

Start Vestige Business with teamwork
Start Vestige Business with teamwork

Start Vestige business is teamwork and you can succeed in this business with teamwork. If you and your team have a strong bond, you can grow in this business quickly.

Always be in touch with your team and keep talking to them constantly about how their work is going.

Meet them once a week to guide them where they need improvisation.

You can also keep an appliance with you which can remove all the dots of the people of your Downline.

Along with that, always keep thickening and training those who are in need of skills, so that they can grow in themselves and your business. In this way, everyone gets support from each other in teamwork.

#7.Follow up-

Start Vestige Business
follow up technique

After starting the Vestige Business plan, you have to follow up on two types of people.

  1. First with your team
  2. People who have come to know this business but they are not sure yet.

When you start this business and start meeting, some people listen to the plan and immediately say yes and join the team. On the other hand, some people say that I will tell you later. With such people, you have to keep a follow-up.

You can follow them up and within a week, you can give the company sub-dates so that they can stay in touch with the company.

Apart from this, you can share the success stories of network marketers and show them any Motivational Seminar to arouse interest in their business. Similarly, keep them in your touch.

Moreover, you should talk to people about Vestige products because products of Vestige are 100% Genuine, so if they can get benefit from these products, they would join the plan as a consumer. You can make them a good consumer with offers like Vestige’s Consistency offers or  Monthly offers

Network marketing has a simple loop which is –

Learn from your upline and teach your downline.

Because network marketing is a business of dublication.

Whatever the successful network is doing, we have to follow their blueprints so that we can get success in a short span of time.

So, friends, these were the 7 steps to start Vestige Business and succeed in it.  Also, you can open Vestige Mini DLCP to increase your chance of success. All you have to do is work hard along with your profession and trust yourself.

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