Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Story Review

Friends Loki episode 5 has been released and this series has come to its last mode. In the last episode, we came across a lot of Loki who did a great job. Now waiting for Loki Episode 6 in which a lot of secrets are going to be revealed. As we have seen Loki or Syliva come till the timekeeper.

But when Sylvie killed a timekeeper, we came to know that everyone is a robot. After which Ravona, the head of the timekeeper, reset the Loki. But in the last episode, we come to know that Loki is not killed but has come to a place called Void. In this way, all the people who are reset by TVA come into the void.

Doing anything at this place does not make any change in the timeline. Once the one who has come here, it is not possible to leave from here.

The reason behind this is this living demon. This creature named Alioth is a living storm. It eats the reset people alive. As soon as Loki comes in Void, he gets 4 more Loki Variants which he had come due to reset. They also tried to get out of it but they were unsuccessful.

That’s why they made VOid their home and they take the Loki to the same place where they live. He told Loki how he changed the time and TVA people reset him. Therefore, after all the attempts to get out after this failed, he made Void his home.

But Loki didn’t like it so he wanted to get out of here. He thinks of killing Alioth but no one supports him for this work. Then more Loki comes and everyone starts fighting.

On the other hand, Sylvie was interrogating Ravona. But ravona did not know who made TVA. She tells Sylvie that Loki is still alive and trapped in the void.

So Sylvie infers that the creator of TVA will be around the void. Sylvie wanted to go there but Ravona would engage her in talks and call some soldiers there. Sylvie steals the time pad and runs away and resets herself. Ravona also sets out to find out the truth about TVA.

As Sylvie enters Void, she encounters Alioth. She touches him with her power and peeps into his mind, in which she sees a stone of a space in which a palace was built. Some big thing is sitting in one of its towers. This is how the episode progresses.

On other hands where Mobius confirm that Ravonna is a bitch that he helps Loki to escape from TVA but unfortunately Ravonna killed Mobius. Then Ravonna took Loki & Sylvie to the lead of TVA & they found out that they are just another lie. They are just robots & at the end of episode 4, Loki tries to tell Sylvie that he loves her. But before he says anything Ravonna killed Loki like what he did to Mobius & Hunter C-20.

So in this post we are looking at Loki Episode 6 so you can enjoy all the episode online on Disney Plus. We will tell you where stream online Loki episode 6 Hindi Tamil telgu dubbed with english subtitle premiere on Hotstar Disney Plus Dual-Audio.
It is the final episode 6 and bring many new character of Loki. In this series Loki represent as Hero and next episode will be available on Wednesday 14 July 2021. But here you can watch Loki Season 1 Episode 6 Hindi dubbed on Hotstar Diney+. Loki Season 1 Episode 1 to 6 on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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That’s all for the upcoming episode of Loki Season 1 Final Episode 2021. As soon we get the latest information we will update our website.


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