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Watch MTV SplitsVilla Season 13 18 September 2021 720p & 480p & 1080p Highlights Full Episode Online. This is a Indian TV Show and is available in 720p & 480p qualities which is hosted by Sunny leone and Ranvijay

MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 Episode 29 480p & 720p Dailymotion for Download: Where to stream a full episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 Episode 29 Online, Here is the complete details about MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 full Episode leaked For Downlaod here. MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 Episode 29 is set to release on the same week of 18st September 2021. So know about MTV Splitsvilla X3 Download details in this article.

As we all know that splitsvilla is in its final episode and fans are waiting for the winner of the season which we will get to know soon. This week also the fans got to see a lot new which was enough to entertain everyone before the finale. Due to all these tasks, Splitsvilla Season 13 awakens a sense of curiosity among the people. The chemistry that is seen between all the pairs makes it clear that it is above all reality shows.

Thanks to these performances, everyone is sitting on their seats for this show and this week also the show is going to bring a fun-filled episode which we are waiting for. Although a few days are left for this episode to be telecast, we will discuss the upcoming MTV Splitsvilla Episode 29 Season 13 which will be telecast on 18 September 2021, how can you watch online or download the full episode from it?

As four wild card contestants had entered the dating show in the previous episode, the show will begin from there only. If you want to watch or download this episode online, then download Voot App which enjoys the episode with 720p in 480p and 1080p HD.

Wild Villa which was the new edition of this season has included Samrudii and Smarthya as well as Avantika and Piyush, due to which a new twist has come in the show. But this is not going to make the way easy for them because due to piyush, there is a distance between Sapna Malik and Piyush. In the previous episode, we also saw that Dhruv Malik had warned Piyush which made the episode very hot.

Although all these fans are very much liked due to which the show has gone a long way in trp. There is also some tension between the Boombang team, which clearly shows that the upcoming episode is going to be difficult for all the participants. It will be quite interesting to see if Piyush backs off or not. However, two participants will get physical during the task.


Previously On Splitsvilla X3 Task Highlights – 28th Episode on 11th September-

In the last episode, we got to see a lot, one of which was a task called dress to kill. Sunny Leone and Rannvijay are hosting this show for a long time and they know how to maintain the show. We also got to see the promo of this episode on the official Twitter of MTV Splitsvilla, in which male participants are seen walking around the swimming pool. Apart from this, the girls laugh after seeing them because the male participants are walking on it, it is slippery and all fall one after the other.

However, two participants will get physical during the task.

Also, at the end of the dome session, a couple will have to leave the show. In this way, we got to see a lot in the last episode. Talking about elimination –

there are possibilities that Nikita Bhamidipati and Samarthya Gupta might get evicted this Saturday. Yes, it is expected that Dhruv and Sapna will eliminate the pair in the upcoming episode of Splitsvilla X3 Season 13.

Watch the full episode on MTV on Saturday at 7 PM and a day before on Voot Select.

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Eliminated Contestants List

Sr No. Contestants Name Status
1 Gary Lu Eliminated
2 Devashish Eliminated
3 Samarthya Gupta Eliminated
4 Samruddhi Jadhav Eliminated
5 Riya Kishanchandni Eliminated
6 Arushi Chib Eliminated
7 Avantika Sharma Eliminated
8 Azma Fallah Eliminated
9 Shweta Nair Eliminated

MTV Splitsvilla 13 Wildcard Entries

  • Samruddhi
  • Avantika
  • Piyush
  • Samarthya

Splitsvilla 13 Elimination Updates

Ten contestants were eliminated from Splitsvilla 13 so far. However, Arushi was eliminated last week. Four weeks ago, Nikita and Samarthya became compatible matches. As a result, there will be a double-elimination in the next week’s dome session (29th episode).

Samarthya and Nikita were eliminated in the last dome session.

  • Azma Fallah
  • Shwetha Nair
  • Devashish
  • Janvi
  • Riya
  • Samruddhi(Returns as a wildcard)
  • Gary
  • Avantika(Returns as a wildcard)
  • Samarthya (Returns as a wildcard)
  • Arushi
  • Nikita and Samarthya

Splitsvilla Season 13 Episode 28-September 18,2021 Full Episode Available For Free Download 1080p, 720p, 480p in Dailymotion-

Users can watch every episode online on voot app, for which just download voot app from playstore so that you can watch every episode online on your device from tv. But every episode gets leaked on dailymotion and everyone downloads the episode from MTV Splitsvilla Season 13, after which you can download and watch the episode in 1080p, 720p, 480p formats.

App Shows This app is free and in India, you can watch your favorite MTV Shows Online in it.

Apart from this, you can also watch this show on Dailymotion which you will get on our channel on Saturday.

Downloading Splitsvilla S13 1080p, 720p, 480p on torrent websites is illegal and not safe. People should always use legal ways to watch the latest MTV splitsvilla episode i.e. official MTV App or Channel.

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