Ok Life Care Products,Business Plan,Owner? Is it Legal or Scam

Ok Life Care-In this article, we are going to talk about an Indian Direct Selling Company, named Ok Life Care. If you do not know about MLM and have heard about this company many times, then you must have got many questions.

In this article, you will get the answers to all your questions and whether we can really earn millions by joining MLM companies, we are going to tell you. Today we will learn many things about Ok marketing company.

What is Ok life Care Plan?

Ok, Life Care is an Indian MLM company selling FMCG and Health-related products from its distributor / direct seller. Being an MLM company, anyone can join Ok Life Care.

People involved in this, along with the sale of its product, also have to connect other people with this company, which earns them.

Ok Marketing Company Profile-

It started in November 2016 and since then the company has been associated with the direct selling industry.

The three chairmen of this company are Joginder Singh, Sarita Karwasara, D.K. Saharan.

It has its head office in Rohtak, Haryana.

This Company is valid under MCA and is a legal direct selling company. It is a product-based MLM company, there is absolutely no possibility of fraud in it.

This company is not a member of IDSA and FDSA, but no company is required to be a member. Apart from this the company is fully legal and is allowed to do direct selling business.

Ok Life Care Business plan-

Now we understand the business plan of Ok Life Care. Like other MLM companies, you have to do two jobs.

1.Product purchase-

In most MLM companies, this is the first task, buying a product. When you join the company, you have to buy a fixed amount of products and this is where the investment comes to the company.

On joining, you become the Distributor of this company. This gives you products at Distributor Price (DP), lower than the product MRP of Ok Life Care.

Now you can sell the products of Ok Life Care further, which will give you some retail profit (MRP-DP) and you can use it yourself, which will result in some savings.

A distributor earns 10 to 20 percent profit on most Ok Life Care products.

2.Recruitment –

Now the second most important thing, which you have to do by joining Ok Life Care, is recruitment.

That is, you have to add other people like you in your downline and they will also have to speak to buy the product. This will increase your earning opportunities.

Always keep in mind, always add active people in your downline, who take some products of Ok Life Care every month and further add others, which will increase your network.

Keep in mind, people in your downline buy regular products, otherwise, a team of 1000 people will not earn anything.

The reason behind this is that the earning in MLM comes from own and product sales in the downline, not on connecting people. We will also know in detail how Ok Life Care’s income plan i.e. Ok Life Care pays.

Ok Life Care Products-


Products matter most in every MLM company. It is a product-based MLM company, which has health, FMCG, home care products.

Also, it has a wide range of products, so people have more shopping options.

Ok Life Care products are better than most MLM companies, but much more expensive than the products in the market, which you will have to buy on a regular basis.

There is a fixed BV on every product purchase, which you can find out from the Ok Life Care Products Price List.

Talking about the product of Ok Life Care, this company has more than 130 products. Which are in the health, personal care, wellness, and grocery categories.

But we can say that, like most MLM company’s products, Ok Life Care’s product is also expensive than the market.

We are not saying this because we are against Ok Life Care, but most of the MLM company is in the same situation. Where the distributor does not want to buy expensive products from the market.

Ok Life Care claims to give 7 types of income, which is as follows-

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Active Bonus
  3. Consistency Bonus
  4. Super Active Bonus
  5. Car Fund
  6. House Fund
  7. Flagship Bonus

Retail Profit-

The first income retail profit that you get on your own product purchase. Now you have become a direct seller of ok care, then you get the product at DP i.e. Distributor Price which is less than MRP.

Your retail profit can be extracted from the following formula.

Retail Profit = MRP – DP

For example, the MRP of a product is Rs 110, and DP is Rs 100. So you will get a profit of 10 rupees by selling this product in MRP, which was your retail profit.

Every product has different retail profits.

Active Bonus –

Now further income depends on the purchase of the product in your downline. Suppose you have placed two teams in your left and right, Team A and Team B.

Now when both of your teams buy 2500 BVs separately (on average, Rs. 6,250 buys separately in both teams). So you get 1 ABP (Active Business Point).

If you buy 5000 BV separately in both your team, then you get 2 ABP. Here you have to match both legs.

Now every month, the company distributes 30% of the BV sold to the company to all ABP holders.

Examples –

Like this month Ok Life Care has sold 1 lakh BV products. So 30% of that, i.e. 30,000 BV company will be distributed among ABP holders.

Now all the direct sellers of the company have earned 132 ABP, so now 30,000 BV will be divided by 132 ABP. That is, 30,000 / 132 = 227 rupees.

[box title=”Important Information-” style=”noise” box_color=”#ffe37d” title_color=”#000000″ radius=”3″]

Important Information

Dear Distributors,
Greetings from OK Life Care!!!
Seeing the immense growth in business, We have formed a Franchise Management System. With effect from 15th Oct. 2020, We will be having the numbers changed as follows:-

Franchisee Queries:-

  • For PUC opening & closing : 7496981704
  • For DPUC opening & closing : 7496981705
  • For RPUC opening & closing : 7496981706
  • WRN/WRU closing & conversion – Mr. Varun Mudgil : 7496981708
  • WRN/WRU Allocation, Payments, Order, Ledger – Mr. Rajesh Kumar : 7496981710
  • For order dispatch, complaints, pending, damage, shortage – Mr. Rohit & Mr. Sumit : 7496981709

E-Mail ID for Franchise management system:-

  • puc@oklifecare.com
  • dpuc@oklifecare.com
  • rpuc@oklifecare.com
  • dispatch@oklifecare.com
  • Mahipal.negi@oklifecare.com

Distributor Call Centre numbers:-

  • For KYC : 7496981711
  • For Payout : 7496981712
  • For Wallet : 9053800112
  • For Bill Pass and cancellation : 7496981718
  • Product Training : 7496981715
  • Rules of Conduct : 7496981713
  • Accounts Department : 7496981719
  • For other queries : 7056909400 / 7082001102 / 7082001103 / 7082001104

E-Mail ID for customer care:-

  • info@oklifecare.com
  • payout@oklifecare.com
  • kyc@oklifecare.com
  • roc@oklifecare.com
  • reema.sinha@oklifecare.com

Department heads numbers will be in working from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Head Operations :-

  • Mr. Nitin Chandna : 7496981701

GM Operations :-

  • Mr. Mahipal Negi : 7496981707

Franchisee Head :-

  • Ms. Ritu Malik : 7496981703

Call Centre Head :-

  • Ms. Reema Sinha : 7496981702

Product Training Head :-

  • Drx Jyoti Saini : 7496981714

Call centre timing will be 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM, From Monday to Saturday, Lunch timing is 1.00 PM to 1.30 PM (No calls will be picked during the time.)

If our numbers are coming busy, kindly send SMS “Call Back” on 7496981720 and we will call back within 4 hours.


Ok Life Care Benefits (Fayde)/Pros-

The major advantage of joining an MLM company is that you can create a new source of income by doing part-time as well.

By joining these MLM companies, you can increase the skill of marketing, presentation, and communication.

It is an excellent and product-based Indian company, whose products are somewhat cheaper than most MLM companies.

Ok Life Care Cons-

In an MLM company, you have to work continuously for 2 to 3 years and the success rate in MLM is only 0.04% ie very low, so it is very hard work.

It involves buying products every month and the downline in which we often add friends and relatives, due to MLM, the relationship also deteriorates.

This is a new company, it may take time to market. On the other hand, in today’s time, no one stays in front of the Vestige Company in India.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) –

How to join Ok Life Care?

To join, you have to contact any old Ok Life Care, the direct seller. They will have to give you their required information and they will put your ID in their downline.

But remember, you choose your Upline, who you are going to join, carefully. Because mainly your business and income depend on their cooperation.

What do you need to join Ok Life-Care?

To join, you must have an Aadhaar card. Apart from this, information about the pan-card and bank account has to be given. If you are under 18 years of age, you can give information about the guardian.

How much money required to join it?

Due to the Direct Selling Guidelines, there is no need to pay any fees to join any MLM company. But now it is necessary to buy the product. You have to get at least 1000 to 1500 rupees from the product OK Life Care.

Is this Company Legal?

OK Life Care is one of the legal direct selling companies of India, it is a product based company, which is very unlikely to be fraudulent.

How much retail profit does it provide?

The company gives you 10 to 20 percent retail profit income, which you can avail by-product selling.

Is it necessary to buy products from the company?

Yes, it is necessary to buy some products in Ok Life Care and have to buy every month, which is also called Repurchase.

Do people have to join Ok Life Care?

Yes, you have to add people. But this is also not necessary, in this, you can earn only retail profit, only by selling the product on MRP. But if you want a good income from MLM, then it is very important to add people.

How long can you get success in it?

Success in any MLM company depends on you. Success in MLM is not easy and it is not a quick-rich scheme. Here, on an average, you have to work continuously for 2 to 3 years, then go and start earning something.

Should I join it?

Before joining this company, you should understand MLM well and know the business plan of Ok Life Care. Do not think of joining any MLM leader’s talk or taking motives.

It is a good MLM company, if you have made sure you intend to do MLM, then you can join Ok Life Care. Do not spread the shape in anyone’s words.

Please tell us how you liked our Lehak and you can visit its website https://oklifecare.com/home.aspx to know more about the Ok Life Care Business Plan in Hindi. You can also contact us to know about any other company or product.

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