The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7-Hello, Friends episode 6 of seven Deadly Sins has been released and we have seen how the story will follow. The storyline of this season has been brilliant due to which the release date of the 7th episode has also been announced.

This anime series is written by Nakaba Suzuki from the manga series “The Seven Deadly Sins” or “Nanatsu no Taizai.” Its fifth season started telecast on 13 January 2021 and so far its 6 episodes have already telecasted on the official platforms.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7
The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7

Its story follows Elizabeth Liones on a journey in which the group of Knights, known as The Seven Deadly sins, end the atrocities of Tyranny of Holy knights. Elizabeth finds out for help and begins a unique journey of seven deadly sins. First, she meets Meliodas, & Leader of the sins, after that with help of sins, she might find out other sins as well.

If we talk about this season, it is advancing its story in a distinctive way. Talking about its official source, this anime series is not available anywhere other than Netflix.


  • Diane uses her War Hammer Gideon to nullify Mael’s spells
  • Mael finally comes out of the cocoon
  • Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 will air on Wednesday.

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These are two ways in which you can watch this anime, apart from this there is no other official source to watch this anime.

Like other anime, Seven deadly sins beloved anime of many people. The story is becoming interesting as it is following the story of its manga. The animation is also getting better in every episode, that is why the fun of watching the seven Deadly sins is increasing.

So in this post, we are talking about the Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 release date, where to watch online as well as preview and upcoming episode spoiler.

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The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date-

The upcoming episode of Attack on titan titled “Hope, Conflict, and Despair,’” is scheduled for February 24, 2021.  The upcoming episode will be more interesting as the news story and hypes are already start to begin after today’s episode.

Due to different time zone, there may be changes in the release date. The above release date is according to japan’s timing. The episode may be telecast earlier or a bit late according to your time zone.

If we talk about Indian timing it will available on Netflix India at 5:30 pm local time. 

Where to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins S05 Episode 7 English Subbed HD?

As we already mentioned that Netflix is the only official channel to watch every new episode of Seven deadly sins. However, many countries have different channels that provide free live streaming, as well as users, have to buy subscription plans.

If you buy a subscription, you have access to it on your mobile device offline. 

TV Tokyo and Bs Tv Tokyo are broadcast every episode in the japan regions. Under the Studio Deen, this anime is produced.

As we already know government already banned many illegal anime streaming websites like kissanime or chianime. But this anime is officially available for Indian fans. So just switch to Netflix and enjoy the live stream HD episodes.

Previously in Season 5 Episode 06-

As we saw in episode 05, Mael recovers his forgotten memory of “The Four Archangels”. And at the same time, he also recalls his memory of Estarossa, which he spent in his past. King and his other companions help him to stop Mael from being loaded with venges. But Mael attacks Derieri and pierces his chest.

And Mael stole the commandment all four. This happened in the previous episode so far.

In episode 6-

Estarossa attacks Sariel due to which Sariel gets injured and he exerts all his power to stop Estarossa. Sariel states that it is very difficult to defeat Estrossa, even if the Fairy King is fully recovered, Estrosaa suddenly attacks everyone. Seeing the attack on the whole village and kingdom, other commandments start going towards Estrosaa.

Former Chief Matrona, Oslo, Fairy king’s assistant Gerheade all go to stop Estrosaa and escape Fairy king. Estrossa attacks Sariel and Tarmiel they died in this attack and Gowther loses one of his hands to stop this attack. Oslo and Diane come in and save Fairy king and Gowther. Estrosaa evolves after consuming all the commandments, which increases his combat class to over 200,000.

The commandment of truth-

Estrosaa attacks everyone, injuring Diane, Elizabeth, Oslo, and Fairy king. But Gowther saves everyone and Fairy King and Diane attack Gowther with his full power. Estrosaa does not once save himself from the king’s attack, but he does his second commandment which causes him to ring a bell called “Commandment of truth, in which all the clones made by Fairy king are destroyed.

Curse of Silence”& Incense of Charity-

Estrossa does his third commandment called “Curse of Silence” whereby a blade breaks the magic of Diane and the fairy king and seals his power. Gowther sacrifices himself to save everyone but Estrosaa does not die and he does another Commandment to him named Incense of Charity.

This time Oslo attacks Estrossa to save everyone and dies. Diane removes the seal using his technique and saves the rest of the people and Diane and all who survive this technique. But after this attack or technique, the flying island destroyed and fell apart and everyone fell from that island. The King blames himself for not saving anyone and the King’s seal also breaks and the King evolves.

The Seven Deadly Sins s4 ep 07 Spoilers and Preview-

As we have learned from the teaser of the episode, the next episode will be titled “Hope Conflict and Despair which is going to be very interesting. We can get a lot of turning points.

Can the king defeat Estrossa after Evolving? As we know that the king has evolved, due to which his battle class level has increased to an immense level. Due to which he can now defeat Estrossa and save all his friends.

In episode 7, Mael and King’s fight might continue until one of them emerges as a clear victor.

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  • When will it be released? Episodes are releasing weekly on Netflix, every Wednesday
  • How many episodes will there be?  24 episodes
  • What resolution can I watch in? 1080p for subscribers, and 480p for those viewing for free
  • What is the Episode Title? “ Hope, Conflict, and Despair,’
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The Seven Deadly Sins Latest Episode: subbed or dubbed?

As we already said that all-new episodes are Released on the subbed version but you can read all the subtitles below the videos. So visit Netflix for the HD episodes mp4 with Japanese voice but English subtitles. Dubbed episode might be released after several weeks of Subbed episodes on Funimation.

Are you excited for the 7th episode Seven deadly sins online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


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