Top 10 Badass Anime Rage Scenes That Give You Goosebumps Every Time

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Badass Anime Rage Scenes 2021 –When you’re angry you just throw things to the floor and scream curses but when anime characters are angry they take things to the next level and by next level, I mean destroying cities nuking towns and hacking and slashing, and finding the best way to make a bloodbath so to honor these scenes today we’re going to talk about 10 of the best rage scenes in anime we’re about to see characters lose control so be ready for some action.

Badass Anime Rage Scenes
Badass Anime Rage Scenes

Most of the time anime amazed us with epic storylines and action scenes as well. There are various anime like ecchi anime, overpowered anime as well as isekai anime. But one thing is common among theme is rage scenes. Every time when anime character shows its potential initiate by any outer condition it results in rage. Creators seem to develop characters incredibly well and tell such amazing stories that set up scenes for true emotional greatness, resulting in uncontrollable goosebumps.

But surely fans love both positive and negative scenes. So in this post, we are sharing with you the Best rage scenes from the top anime series you would like.

Sit back and grab a blanket because you’re about to get the chills. These are the top 15 most epic anime scenes that give you goosebumps every time.

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1.Goblin Slayer Rage-

Anime- Goblin Slayer

The goblin slayer was an anime with many ups and downs. But one thing we should praise is it’s directing and the epic portrayal of scenes like the rage of the goblin slayer managed to triumph in every fight he had with the sword and skill.

However, when he and his group met a larger goblin card returned and soon they were at the mercy of the horde of goblins. All was about to be lost but the goblin Slayer got flashbacks of what the creatures had done to him and his own failure to protect what he loved and wished for this made him go mad with rage before taking on the larger goblin alone and ended up killing it.

2.Shuichi and Yoshioka rage


We have an innocent boy and a squirrel girl taking a walk in the force what could possibly go wrong. Well, perhaps they could get attacked by a crazy child with monsters and awaken the combined powers hidden within them. Anime takes only a few minutes to take a peaceful stroll in the forest to a bloodbath with all seriousness. This anime has Badass Anime Rage Scenes which ever seen.

This scene was one of the most brutal scenes of the entire anime. Both Shuichi and Yoshioka combined their feelings of hatred to create a new form that was entirely born of malice and rage. Speaking in terms of rage that is pretty cool the little kids soon learned that messing with adults is a bad thing.

3.Kamina’s rage-

Anime-Gurren Lagann

You know what it’s like when one single character is holding the entire fate of the show. Right! in the case of Gurren logan it was Kamina this boy had the tendency to scream things about never giving up and unlike most anime characters. He lived up to his word so when the stakes are high tables are turned and the armies of viral surround him.

He doesn’t hesitate to give it his all and when Kamina gives it his allyou can sure expect a showdown coming up. Finally showed the potential humans could achieve. But sadly unlike most rage scenes, the character doesn’t come out alive but at least be glad that Kamina went down like a hero. It’s no wonder his influence was there through the rest of the series

4.Gon’s Rage-

Anime- Hunter X Hunter

Remember Gon’s 🙄 yes that short and cheerful boy whom you would never think could punch and kick a person to his death but when tragedy hits you every character shows their darker self in the case of Gon. It was the release of an excessive amount of men after seeing the death of the kite.

This also transformed him into his adult self someone who doesn’t seem to have any of god’s precious innocence stored within him. This is proved moments later when he kicks pito into the sky and smashes him with an immensely powerful rock. Gon was hospitalized after a transformation due to the excessive use of Nin. But let’s admit it was super good to see gone given the beating Pizzo deserved even though it was very brutal.

5.Shinje Rage-

Anime- Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0

Who thought the anger of one boy could destroy the world Shinji’s rage was what caused the third impact and destroyed the world. At the end of the second Evangelion movie, Shinji had run away once again due to the father’s cold-hearted actions and then regretted not being able to save Rey.

He was forced to kill oscar because of his father and seeing his second-closest friend die was more than he could bear his rage made him bond with the angel inside of Eva and with the sole goal of bringing ray back.

He forced himself inside the angel to pull her out his action was successful but only to a certain extent. He manages to save Rey but destroying half of the world in return. This scene showed how one single emotion is powerful enough to bring a massive impact on the world.

6.Berserker Rage Fate Stay-

Anime- Fate Stay Night Heavens Feel

In short, this is the scene where the angry giant punches the evil maiden berserker wasn’t everyone’s favorite servant at first but this was the scene that managed to show us the potential of this reincarnated Hercules. As saber alter throws more and more of her ex-caliber attacks berserker’s anger and rage deepens and his attacks get more extreme and violent.

Not to mention that he has nine lives so each time saber alters kills him he awakens in a much more powerful form than the rest and with each awakening he grows madder. We should also give credits to the amazing animation of ufotable that combined CGI with gorgeous effects and visuals to show the true beauty of this rage scene. Once again berserker might have failed but he made his impact and that’s what matters.

7.Levi rage-

Anime- Attack On Titans

Bring those overpowered Levi gags back again because we’re about to talk about humanity’s strongest soldier. When you hear the name Levi you already know he’s up to something fierce right but one thing his opponent shouldn’t do is make him mad. One thing that drove him to the edge was the death of Erwin smith at the hands of the beast Titan.

Irwin was his best friend and also his indirect mentor so his death put a heavy toll on him and once faced with the massive titan. He managed to slash its skin and legs apart before finally attacking his nape Zeke Yeager. The owner of the beast sign was already warned by Reiner on how powerful Levi was and we’re glad he proved that it was true.

9.Mob rage

Anime- Mob Psycho

Next up at number two, we have the rage of the mob and the eighth episode of mob psychoit’s always a good thing not to anger an overpowered character in an anime. But Koyama being half-brained like the rest of his goons. He awakens the mob’s anger and then gets the results of it mob and his brother had a very emotional bond and the last thing he needed to see was his brother getting hurt.

Koyama attacking his brother drives him mad and this awakens the hidden power within him, and what results in a destructive battle that nearly destroys a whole building. The mob cycle anime likes to explicitly exaggerate power levels through numbers, and this scene manages to solve the curiosity of us by showing what the mob was like when his power was at a hundred percent.

10. Tanjiro Rage-

Anime-Demon Slayer

Coming at the top of our list we have the rage of Tonjiro in episode 19 of demon slayer. How can we ignore this when we’re talking about recent anime rage scenes this scene was one of the most discussed sequences in anime forums and was the reason demon slayer got popularity.

It has now Tanjiro feels this rage in his fight with Rui seeing his sister being hurt combined with the flashbacks of his lost family gives him the strength to defeat the demon boy. With his own power, Zuko with her own awakening lends to Njero her strength and together the two siblings managed to take down one of the strongest demons they ever encountered as usual ufotable’s mind-blowing animation and the dazzling soundtrack only added more hide to this scene.


So this is the list of the top 10 Badass Anime Rage Scenes of all time. Stay safe and don’t forget to share it with your Otaku Friends.

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