Top 10 Overpowered Anime Where Main Character looks WEAK

Top 10 Overpowered Anime-Hello friends, in this post we are talking about anime where the protagonist looks weak but after some episodes become overpowered. Appearances are the worst way to judge a person because we don’t know what he has.

If you’re a fan of fantasy anime then this is the first lesson you should learn. The main character seems to be innocent as well as silent on the group but gives him a gun or powerful weapon or a pair of swords and you will start to think sharing a room with a serial killer is a better option. So, we are talking about those anime where the main character looks weak but these are the best-overpowered anime of 2021.

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Top 10 Overpowered Anime-

10. I’m Standing on a Million Lives-

Genre- Fantasy, Action, RPG, Isekai, Monsters


Getting thrown into an Isekai world is cool but not when you’re forced into it here we have Yotsuya Yusuke who along with his classmates Shindo U and Hakozaki Kusuwe have been transported into a game world after their arrival they meet somebody calling themselves the game master. Don’t look for a rating of this anime because its storyline makes it the best-overpowered anime so decide after watching this anime.

He gives him a quest to complete within the given time here’s where the twist comes in while his friends are transformed into a warrior and mage respectively.

Yusuke is only turned into a farmer. Now it’s up to him to navigate the world in the weakest class or that’s what you would think turns out this farmer has more than that what any hero could ask for. Trust me after watching this you might think farming isn’t that much of a bad job, to begin with. You can watch episode I’m Standing on a Million Lives English Subbed on the official channels.

Licensed by- Maho Film

Season Aired Date-Oct 2, 2020 to Dec 18, 2020


Genre- Action, Sci-fi, Harem

Rating- 6.4/10

100 may feature the good old mecca vs evil alien battle but one main reason to watch it is the main character of the show. Here we have Hayato Kisaragi who at first may you look like a weak and clumsy boy but put him in the arena and you’ll soon lose your bets his ability known as variant gives him a higher reaction score.

When his life is on the line, he enters a state referred to as raging berserk. You can watch episode Hundred English Subbed.

If it’s not obvious from the name itself this is where he manages to go into rage mode with his powers surging through him his training has also granted him sense energy which is used by him to create e-barriers to defend himself and accelerate to propel himself forward, in short, there’s a reason why girls like him.

Licensed by- Funimation, Crunchyroll

Season Aired Date- Apr 5, 2016, to Jun 21, 2016

8.Muv-Luv Alternative: Total  Eclipse

Genre-Action, Mecha, Military, Sci-fi



Since 1973 an invasion of aliens upon Earth known as the beta has been driven human civilization to destruction. In order to defend itself from this enormous enemy force, mankind has developed large humanoid arms called tactical surfaces fighters and deployed them to its defensive lines throughout the world. However, its effort could only slow down the impending defeat and mankind has been forced to abandon the major areas of the Eurasian continent.

For 30 years they have caught in the endless war against betha without any hopes of victory. But now in 2001, imperial Japan faces difficulties in the development of the next generation of tropical surface fighters as it defends the front lines of the Far East. The UN has proposed a joint development program between Imperial Japan and the united states as part of the TSF international mutual development unit.

The prominence project, Yu Otaku Mura ( a surface pilot of the imperial Royal Garden of Japan) is given the responsibility of the project and sets off to Alaska meanwhile Yuva Bridges also a surface pilot of the US Army Head to the same destination. They never had any idea just how drastically their encounter would change their fates.

This story of internal dilemma takes place during the development of new tactical surface fighters. The most crucial and effective weapons against Betha and this time stakes are much higher than a handful of lives and our sanity. To know more you can watch the episode Muv-Luv Alternative: Total  Eclipse English Subbed.

7.Horizon in the middle of Now Where

Genre-Action, Fantasy, Sci-fi


This anime has a lot of history in it but let me just sum it up quickly. When the earth becomes uninhabitable, humanity soon finds only japan suitable for living. You must be thinking why? Well, that’s the country where anime is made of course 😆 The people of other nations are forced to live in the pocket dimensions while the Japanese people take their residence in their homeland.

Soon the other nations invade japan forcing them to live in their homeland. The anime follows the Story Of the head of Musashi Aridas academy supreme federation and president of the student council as she fights with her classmates to regain back her homeland. Remember to know the full history you have to watch Horizon in the middle of Now Where full episodes on official channels.

6. B the beginning-

Genre- Mystery, Action, Superpowers

Rating- 7.2/10

This anime is created by I.G and premiered on Netflix officially. Already the first season is premiered and the second season of B: the beginning will be premiere on March 18, 2021. This anime story is about an investigator of RIS, Koku and Keith which are on a path to investigate a criminal organization.

Back during the time when Netflix throughout Devilman crybaby another anime series that got equally discussed. It was the beginning in the technologically advanced world where a serial killer called B leaves out of blood trail in the city.

Now it’s up to a detective named Keith to find out the reason behind these killings. So it will be amazing how to be the beginning combines simple yet engaging mystery to a larger plot. This anime involves supernatural events and criminal organizations.

So if you’re a fan of mystery anime then this is the best mystery anime 2021 that will surely amaze you. If you haven’t heard of this one it’s because it’s an underrated anime show. But the show character, animation, and mystery are indeed top-notch. You’ll soon start to like Koku who similar to Jonah looks weak but in truth can take down enemies within a second.

Licensed by- Netflix

Aired Date- Mar 2, 2018

5.Talentless Nana {Munou na Nana}

Genre- Supernatural, Drama, School Life


By now you should know talentless means that she’s not actually very talented. In this case, she’s talented in assassinating people. let me back up and explain, this happens in a world where children and powers are born and the government views them as enemies. These children are sent to a deserted school where they should survive on their own along comes a transfer student.

Nana Assassin sent over by the government to kill the students. Nana may look like a cute girl doing a cute thing but there’s nothing cute with the assassination. It May appears like a regular high school girl but no one is safer when they are alone with her so the next time you play among us, you know what to do when a person called Nana is there at your party.

Licensed by-Funimation

Season Aired Date-Oct 4, 2020 to Dec 27, 2020

4.Wandering Witch: The journey of Elaina

Genre- Witches, Magic, Adventure, Fantasy


A cute overpowered witch goes on a journey to explore the world what other way is there to explain the journey of Elaina. If you want to follow the adventures of a cute white-haired witch then add this one to the watch list. The synopsis of this anime is that there’s a witch named Elaina who had a long ambition to travel around the world and in this anime series she finally does that.

Yep’s it that simple, the story is straight forward and unlike most fans, the anime doesn’t involve wars and tragic character deaths in its premise but the story can be really interesting because of its pacing the world around Elania is shown through the story as she gets involved with the different characters and their struggles. As you move along the anime you can see how Elaina shows off that cute is the last thing she could be.

Licensed by-Funimation

Season Aired Date- Oct 2, 2020, to Dec 18, 2020

3. Kyoukai No Kanata-

Genre- Magic, Action, Urban Fantasy


Let’s move away from the fancy a little bit and head towards a world of supernaturalism. The story starts when Akihito Kanabara saves his fellow schoolmates Mirai Kuriyama from committing suicide but after he is accidentally stabbed. Munai learns that’s Akihito is actually half-human and half Yumu. So you have to watch this overpowered anime to know how the main character transforms itself.

Now she is dragged into a world of humans and monsters as she struggles to overcome her own life problems while also trying to protect herself from the monsters hunting her Akihito.

On the other hand, isn’t your average high schooler either you may look like a background character but having the blood of a monster. He is more powerful than normal humans and picking a fight with him is the last thing you should do.

Licensed by-Kyoto Animation

Season Aired Date-Oct 3, 2013 to Dec 19, 2013


Genre– Gang, Actions, Guns


Let me tell you something little kids are not family-friendly these days. You may look at the kids and think’s he is cute but the next thing you know he will quoting philosophy and shooting guys in the head. This is the case in the Jormungand which makes it overpowered anime of the 2021;

It’s about Koko Hekmatya, a young arms dealer who does illegal business. Coco may be smart but she isn’t the badass here that of all goes to her new assistant Jonah. Jonah is recruited as a child soldier but soon displays skills to match a grown man.

He’s quick on his feet and also has good precision in his guns and gives the boy five minutes. He’ll drop dead bodies more than they count. if you need a fun action anime with heists and bucket loads of revenge this is the show for you.

Licensed by- Funimation

Aired Date-Apr 11, 2012 to Jun 27, 2012

1.Hunter X Hunter- (2011–2014)

Genre– Animation, Action, Adventure


If you have seen hunter x hunter then you know that its main character name is Goan. He is as stubborn as they come when he sets his mind to something he will see it through to the end. He has shown time and time again when it comes to facing off against powerful opponents who will not give in until getting beat down emerges victorious.

He tries to find his dad ( a man who left his family to become a hunter). Hunter is a kind of license you get in order to be able to do certain things. Like Hunter gets a license to get access to the place where normal mankind would not be able to access, a lot of public transportation, hotels, and much more…

Gon takes on the hunter exam in order to become a hunter to find out why his father actually left him and why he chose the hunter life instead of raising Gon. Gon takes the Hunter Exam and meets new friends along the way. So you have to watch Hunter X Hunter know the Journey of Gon.

After becoming a Hunter there another exam for the hunter exam. So once completing the Hunter exam there’s another secret exam where they actually try to train you Nen. It is a secretive power in the Hunter Hunter world only known to the Hunter organizations.

Licensed by- VIZ Media

Aired Date-Oct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014


So these are the top best-overpowered anime where the main character looks weak which is loved by many anime lovers. However, if we missed any of your favorite anime you should let us know.

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