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Top 10 Ullu Web Series to Watch & Download Online – Hello friends ULLU is a great platform that is famous for its web series in India. The name of ullu series comes to the fore in India for adult content and the character of every web series also gets a lot of love. It is made by Vibhu Aggarwal and has its headquarter in Mumbai.

ULLU app was also launched on 25 December 2018, which has been downloaded by millions of users from play store. There are more than millions of subscribers on the platform of UllU, which shows the popularity of any platform. Along with this, Ullu has released many web series whose fan base has become quite famous like Palang Tod.

Due to variety of OTT platform, ULLU emerges as one of the most popular among them because of the hot and romantic content it deliever. Fans are all over the world appreciate the ullu best web series so they always want to watch all episodes of ULLU webseries.

Also, from the last few years there is growth in the web series and people are very fond of web series on the different OTT platform. In the same,  Ullu is renowned for its erotic web series, adult, romantic.

However, on ULLU Tv there are still many web series that made you love them. We’ll talk about these best web series you need to look at in the ULLU app here.

Today we will talk about similar Top 10 Popular Ullu Webseries which are very famous which you can see on Ullu app or website.

Top 10 Best Ullu Web Series Cast Real Name List 2021-

1.Charmsukh jane anjane mein-

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Charmsukh jaane anjane was released on Ullu app on 12 Feb 2021. This story is about a father-in-law who falls in love with his own daughter-in-law. Many people have seen and liked this series.

The length of each episode is 30-40 minutes. Usually, 2 or 3 episodes of each series are seen, which is the specialty of the Charmsukh series.

This series has made its way on the internet in a very short time. Jinnie Jazz has worked in this series, which is liked by everyone.

Release Date- March 27, 2020.

So let’s have a look at the Charmsukh Jane Anjane Mein Web Series Cast.

Jinnie Jazz
Jinnie Jazz
  • Amit Jaitley
  • Manoj Dutt
Archana Shukla
Archana Shukla

2.Charmsukh Chawl house-

Charmsukh chawl house was also one of the most liked show of ullu series 2021. Every week new episodes of Charmsukh were streamed on the ullu app which became quite popular.

The reason for its popularity was its story. Sneha Paul has played the lead role in Chawl House and Meenu Sharma has appeared as her supporting cast. Its story is also quite interesting –

Story- In this series, in a small village, a boy comes to live with his relative. He stays to complete his studies, but as the story progresses, he falls in love with his sister-in-law, which takes the form of a secret affair.

So let’s have a look at the Charmsukh Chawl House Web Series Cast.

  • Sneha Paul as Renu.
  • Dakshita Kumar as Ronit.
  • Eshan Tiwari as Bhanu
  • Jyostna Trivedi as Snehal.
  • Meenu Sharma as Mami.

Release Date- 12 March 2021.

3.Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi-

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi
Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi

Palang Tod is also one of the most popular series of ULLU series. Many series have been uploaded under this series like Palang Tod Caretaker.

Among them, Gaon’s Garmi is one that was released on the OTT platform on 5 March 2021.

Raquesh Bapat and Vikram Mastal Sharma were in the lead role of this series mine Aastha Chaudhary.

Askhay Singh has directed the entire series, all parts of which are available on ULLU’s website and app.


This story also starts in a village where a young boyy and a lady live with their husband. One day his nephew comes to live in his house and he spends the same few days.

But as soon as he sees his aunty, he starts daydreaming that how should he go to his aunty.

Days pass slowly but one day he can’t stop himself from seeing his aunty and uncle taking a bath together and this is the beginning of the series.

Gaon Ki Garmi Wiki and Crew

Name Gaon Ki Garmi
Director Akshay Singh
Lead Cast Aastha Chaudhary
Raqesh Bapat
Vikram Mastal Sharma
Genre Cheating
Total Episodes 2
Country India
Releasing Date 5 March 2021
Language Hindi
Releasing Platform Ullu App

So let’s have a look at the Gaon Ki Garmi Web Series Cast-

  • Raqesh Bapat
  • Aastha Chaudhary
  • Vikram Mastal Sharma
  • Neeshank Vikas Mathure

4.Raatein Rangeen Banaayein Hotspot ULLU Web Series (2021)-

Raatein Rangeen Banaayein
Raatein Rangeen Banaayein

A lot of websites have been released by ullu in 2021 and Raatien Rangoli is also one of them. Fans were also very excited about this web series and since the trailer, people have seen a lot of videos from it.

Its story is about a man who saw a girl’s photo in the advertisement.

He calls her so that he can talk to her and fulfill her erotic dreams. But the girl asks him to transfer 2000 rs to his bank account.

In this way the conversation starts between the two and both of them start coming very close. But gradually the girl starts taking advantage of that boy.

She demands 20000 rs from that boy for the treatment of her mother and later the boy comes to know that she was a fraud. In this way a lot is seen in the series which makes it a popular series.

Genre 18+
Total Episodes Not Available
Release Date 5th November 2021
Running Time Not Available
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Available on ULLU

So let’s have a look at the Raatein Rangeen Banaayein Web Series Cast-

  • Rekha Mona Sarkar

5.Palang Tod Caretaker 2-

Palang Tod Caretaker 2
Palang Tod Caretaker 2

Palang Tod Caretaker 2 is the Hindi language 18+adult and romance genre web series.

The feature is Paromita DeyAman AhteshamDivashree Sharma, and Rahul Saxena in the lead role along with other supporting stars.

This web series was released on 29th October 2021. Here below is the complete information related to this web series.


This story is about a boy who gets paralyzed due to an accident. The doctor advises his family to hire a good caretaker for him so that the boy can be treated quickly. The story begins when a girl enters his house as a caretaker.

Slowly everything becomes romantic and exciting. The closeness between the two increases due to which a serious story starts.

Suddenly, they both come close to each other but a romantic thing wasn’t to happen. Unfortunately, the doctor says to the girl that her work is over now and she can leave the house. The boy has no need of any Caretaker to do his daily work.

Genre 18+
Total Episodes Not Available
Release Date 29th October 2021
Running Time Not Available
Language Hindi
Subtitle English
Available on ULLU

6.Mona Home Delivery-

Mona Home Delivery-ULLU Webseries
Mona Home Delivery-ULLU Webseries

Mona Home Delivery is an Indian 18+ web series. The Hindi language web series will release by 2020.

This is one of the famous series of ullu series. In this, Kangana Sharma has played the lead role. In the series, Kangana has been named Mona, which is an Escort girl. Being raised in poverty in childhood, he has to do this work. Before that she used to work as a call girl but that does not fulfill her need. After a few days, she takes the help of social media to grow her business.

She creates a page called Mona Home Delivery, from which she gives her service to the new client. Because of this page, her clientele starts increasing, due to which she starts wishing good money. if you

Each episode has one lesson to learn for her, while the web series makes you feel and believe that the field of skiny business is not at all bad world.

The Main Star Cast of Mona Home Delivery is Kangna Sharma.


  • Kangna Sharma.
    Kangna Sharma.
  • Pratima Kazmi
  • Vijay Raaz
  • Raju Kher
  • Ganesh Acharya

Release Date – 21st June 2019

7. Woodpecker (Hindi Web Series) – All Seasons-

Woodpecker (Hindi Web Series) – ULLU Webseries
Woodpecker (Hindi Web Series) – All Seasons

Woodpecker is a new series released by ullu in which Parag tyagi and Neha Vadoliya have played lead roles. There were 8 episodes in this series that were released simultaneously.

Although the series received mixed reviews, it is one of the highest rating series on IMBD.

Rajesh A.Patel has directed the entire series which was released on 14 August 2020.

The story begins with Woodpecker airlines where girls are fraudulently brought and blackmailed. All the girls think about their career soaring high but they all get stuck in the fraud. After this, all of them together want to take revenge on the owner of the airline, which strengthens the story of the web series.

Web Series Details

Language Hindi
Genre Suspense, Drama, Web Series
Release Date 14 August 2020
Directed By Rajesh A. Patel
Produced By ULLU Digital Private Limited

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