How to Submit Vestige DAF Form Online,Procedure,Conditions

Hello, Friends if you are looking for how to update Vestige DAF Form online. Today we will provide before you special information related to the Vestige in this article. For the last few days, various Vestige distributors on our website asked us to provide information related to Vestige DAF Form in detail. So friends, in this article we will give you all the information about the Vestige DAF Form. Let’s start-

Friends, in the DAF Form, you have to give various types of information to the Vestige Company. In this article, we are going to give you the following information-

  • Vestige DAF Form Information
  • How to fill Vestige DAF Form

[note note_color=”#ea002c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]First of all, it is important to know that what is Vestige DAF Form[/note]

What is Vestige DAF Form-

Vestige DAF Form
Vestige DAF Form

Vestige DAF Form means Vestige Distributor Application and Agreement Form. This is a type of agreement form between the Vestige and you. All the conditions and rules are mentioned for a distributor of Vestige.

After joining vestige, you can update your DAF via the Vestige android app. You can this article for more detail-

[note note_color=”#12004f” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]Read- Update DAF via Vestige Pos App[/note]

If you are joining the Vestige, then it works like a distributor form which states that you have understood the plan and other things of the Vestige well and you are ready to join the Vestige.

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Vestige DAF Form Information-

In the Vestige DAF Form, you have to provide your personal information like Name, Address, and other things. If we look at the Form, then you have to fill the following information in it-

  1. Upline Number – Vestige Distributor ID Vestige Distributor ID of the person under whom you are joining or who has told you about the Vestige and have joined
  2. Upline Name- Name of the person under whom you are joining or who has told you about the Vestige  and joined
  3. Distributor Name- Name in your bank account and PAN card
  4. Date of Birth- Date of birth in your bank account and PAN card
  5. Address- Your address
  6. City- Name of your town and city
  7. State- Name of your state
  8. PIN Code – Pin code of your village, town, or city
  9. Name of Spouse- Name of any of your close relatives
  10. Telephone and Mobile Number- Your mobile number
  11. Email – Your Email ID
  12. Signature- Your sign says that you have read all the terms and conditions of the Vestige and you are ready to join it.

Vestige DAF Form Terms & Conditions

The terms written on Terms and Conditions in easy language are as follows-

I make sure that I have understood and read the success plan of the Vestige and I am ready to join it.

  • I will get Profit received by the Vestige after paying all taxes irrespective of the tax.
  • My sign says that I have not been associated with the Vestige before this.
  • On the other hand, a sign of Upline will also be on it.
  • I have given complete information about Vestige and its plan to the distributor and it is ready to join me in the work of Vestige.

Before filling the Vestige DAF Form Terms and Conditions, please see and read these things-

  • This agreement will give you a chance to become independent and do business yourself, not a job.
  • To become a Vestige distributor, you must be 18 years of age.
  • This agreement does not bind you to the Vestige in any way. You will act as a Vestige Distributor and not as an agent or employee of the company.
  • Vestige distributors have to do all the work like advertising, meeting, marketing, dealing, etc. in a legitimate manner.
  • No one can claim from the distributor company unless it is valid according to the Vestige conditions.
  • The Vestige Distributor will not give any false information to any person, it will present all the facts.
  • Vestige Distributors will limit the information and experience related to different types of customers.
  • Husbands and wives can become distributors of Vestige separately.
  • Any Vestige distributor who does not follow these rules will have their Vestige ID removed.
  • Vestige Distributor can sell all Vestige products anywhere online or offline, provided they have informed Vestige about it.
  • Your Vestige distributorship cannot be transferred to any other person.
  • All problems will be settled in New Delhi.
  • You give the right to the Vestige that they can send offers and other information related to different types of companies to the number associated with your Vestige.
  • After reading all these things and giving all the information written above, you have to give an ID Aadhar card, driving license, voter card, or any other thing.

Before Submitting DAF Form you must sure to complete your KYC detail in Vestige. For this, you can read this article-

[button url=”” target=”blank” style=”default” background=”#f20014″ color=”#ffffff” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes” radius=”0″ icon_color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″]Read- KYC Upload Full Process[/button]

Steps for Uploading DAF (Distributor application form)-

First of all download the Vestige shopping app and enter your distributor ID and password to access your distributor account.

[appbox googleplay com.vestigeshopping]

After that follow the below steps-

Step 1-

  • Download the Vestige DAF form and print out it.
  • “Fill the form” as we fill it in the above procedure
  • Mention all details of the “new distributor”.
  • After filling all the details, you have to provide “Govt. legal id” ( Aadhar, Pan, or Passport) to get verified in Vestige 
  • Print out the documents with the sign attached to it.

Step 2-For Self

  • Open the “Vestige Shopping Android App” and on the left side click on three line option which will enable you to open the “DAF Details” Sectio
  • Upload signed DAF Form File (jpg/png)
  • Upload Valid Signed ID Proof (Passport/Pan Card/Driving License).
  • Done! Tap on Upload DAF.

Step 3- For Downline-

  • Select Downline
  • Enter Distributor ID And Name
  • Upload their Signed Daf File
  • Upload Valid Signed ID Proof (Passport/Pan Card/Driving License).
  • Tap on Upload DAF

Done! now you become the official member of Vestige to work with them according to their term and conditions.

Why Vestige DAF Form is a must for Every Vestige Distributor-

Along with this, you also have to provide your bank account information and PAN card information so that your vested profit is directly transferred to your account.

[note note_color=”#241859″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”6″]Note- Vestige में  distributor कैसे  बने -easy steps[/note]

Friends Vestige DAF Form should be filled by every Vestige Distributor It is important to be filled by every Vestige distributor, this gives you permanent recognition as a distributor in Vestige. Fill it as soon as possible after you become a Vestige distributor so that you do not face any problems related to the Vestige.

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