Vestige Login
Vestige Login

Vestige Online is a Direct selling marketing company that deals mainly in Health care, Food, and Agricultures Products and provided direct access to VESTIGE LOGIN ONLINE (In POS Distributor account). So in this post, we are going to brief you all on the procedure to log into the main portal of the Vestige Services.

We will guide you through all the procedure to log in or enter the system via the Vestige Login-

How to Join Vestige in 2020? Registration Process-

Here Vestige has different methods for register and login for distributors all across the world. The following methods are –

  1. Register Through Vestige Shopping App
  2. Login Thorugh Vestige Pos App/Official Website

My Vestige website is an official portal for the distributor of India or the United States for adding customers to their downlines and gathering information in a faster manner within the network.

Also, all Vestige Android Apps plays a major role along with the website in information flow across the vestige marketing Pvt ltd login company. To provide a great infrastructure to their client or employees they created databases for the employee in order to ease their work.

To get through the Vestige Login process, read the procedure here in this article.

Vestige Online Login/Registration Procedure-

Vestige Login

There are ample of advantage with the Vestige Online Login services that distributor get. 

Like a distributor get to know the latest updates about the products, downline status, income report, or other guidelines to reach crown level distributor.

To enter the portal system, every member of the organization will have to follow the systematic login procedures.

However, keep in mind that all the services are for only vestige users and any unauthorized who try to login with distributor id will have to bear the consequences for the same.

For the eligible person who already is, the distributor in the vestige has to follow some simple process. Before logging in you must know how to register in vestige?  The following steps are given below:-

Vestige Distributor Online Joining Process | Step by Step Tutorial-

Vestige allows users to make their registration only with mobile. The official website doesn’t have a registration option but it will allow you to log in to the account.

So, initially, you have to follow the registration process to get your distribution ID and Password to get access to the portal.

Let us see the process of registering a new distributor using a vestige online shopping app. If you want to install the Vestige online shopping app-

How to register in Vestige-

  1. Search “Vestige Shopping app” on the play-store [appbox googleplay com.vestigeshopping ]
  2. Install and download the app ( if you’re an Apple user then you have to go app store and download the Vestige Shopping app.)
  3. Now, open the app and you will see two options i.e. Sign in or Sign up. Just Tap on the Signup button.
  4. It will ask you to enter a valid upline number and confirm if the upline id is correct ( Upline number is the referral number that you will get from any existing vestige distributor)
  5. Then select your country, Pincode, State, and City.
  6. Now you enter a valid mobile number and click on the verify link next to the number.
  7. You will receive an OTP on the registered number. Just enter it on the vestige app.( In case you don’t receive any OTP from Vestige you can click on Resend OTP)
  8. Once you entered the correct OTP, the link changed from verify to verified 😆 
  9. Next, you have to enter your valid e-mail address and personal address details as well.

Now, it will ask you to enter your personal details i.e.

  • Select Title  –Mr./Mrs./Dr./Ms.
  • Enter the First name- eg. Sandeep
  • Enter the Last Name- eg. Kumar
  • Select date of birth- 22-March-1997
  • Select Gender- Male/Female/Others
  • Create Password- Password must be 6 characters long ( one letter, one number & one special character)
  • Enter Confirm when you’re done
  • After you will the next section ask you to enter Spouse Detail ( it will optional ) 
  • Now select your “distributor Id From the drop-down menu” and it will be your new distributor id.
  • Tick on the “I agree”statement and tap on the signup button.
  • Congrats! You successfully become a member of the Vestige Team. A message popup will with your id and registration successful.

Sometime you will get an error option that Distributor already registered. It is because when we are filling our details, some other person already chooses the following id.

To solve this, again select the distributor id from the drop-down menu and choose a new one. If that id will free you to get your distributor id number.

After Registering, its time to login into your account and you have two option for this –

  1. Login via
  2. Login via Vestige Shopping App
[appbox googleplay com.vestigeshopping]

How to login into My Vestige Distributor Account(Via Website)-

  • First of all, open the official website of Vestige so you can enter the portal. You can use this link to reach the website directly from the article.
  • After that, you will see in the upper right corner, there is an option for login into the portal.

Remember- You must have a Vestige Distributor ID along with the password. In case you don’t know how to register Vestige Distributor you can check the steps below.

  • Now after clicking on login, you will see two blanks where you will have to fill your Distributor ID and Password.
  • Your Distributor ID the unique identification number that you get via SMS when you register with a vestige.
  • Meanwhile, you also get the password but you can change your vestige password whenever you wish to. So, if you changed your password you must enter into the system.
  • Now Just enter your credentials into the required blanks and click on the “Log on “tab there. 
  • Boom! you will log into your account for accessing all the viable resources and information relating to the services.

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How to login into My Vestige Account(Via Vestige Shopping app and Vestige Pos)

In mobile, you don’t need any additional steps to log in to your account. The process is simple and you just need two things to access you account

  1. Distributor ID/Password
  2. Vestige Apps

Now as we talked earlier about these apps, make sure you download these apps firstly. After that, you just have to enter your ID and password into the required credentials blanks and you can easily access your account in vestige mobile apps as well.

In case you forgot your password, then select the appropriate option there and follow the procedure to recover your account. 

How to recover Forget Password From Vestige Website?

  • First of all, visit and see on the upper right corner, there is an option for account login.

vestige login

  • Click on “account login” and you will find the “forgot password “option at the end of the login form.
  • Now, just tap on “forgot password” and it will ask you to “enter your distributor ID” to recover your account password.
  • Just “enter the ID” and you will get your password via SMS at your mobile device.
  • Use the credentials which you received via SMS and now you will successfully get access to your account.

How to recover Forget Password From Vestige Android Apps?

Currently, vestige has mainly two apps i.e. Vestige Shopping app and Vestige Pos that are useful for shopping, viewing plans, best offers, and recover passwords. However, in case you forget your password you have to follow some basic steps to get you password-

  1.  Go to play store and download any of two app 
  2. Open the app and you will see the login screen in front of you
  3. Click on the forget password  and it will display a number “8422832156”
  4. Just Give a missed call at “8422832156” and you will automatically get a Distributor Id and password to your registered mobile number.

Make sure you give the missed call from your registered contact number on “8422832156”

What is Vestige Pos App  & How to  Login  VESTIGE POS –

[appbox googleplay com.vestigeshopping] [note note_color=”#db1700″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Vestige Pos App is not working now. So use the Vestige Shopping App for KYC, DAF Process[/note]

After becoming an authorized distributor in a marketing company, it would not be easy to manage all the downline members or to shop every time from the vestige offline markets.

For this vestige launched the all in one app for vestige distributor across India. There are ample of function that will be beneficial for users like-

Vestige Shopping App providing you following benefits-

  • Add new Distributor 
  • Uploading KYC 
  • Submit DAF
  • Order product online

How To Add New Distributors Online?

Adding a new distributor under your downline is beneficial and also the part of vestige business plan. So if you don’t know the steps to add a new distributor via Vestige App to your downline you have to follow these steps-

[note note_color=”#db1700″ text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]Vestige Pos App is not working now. So use the Vestige Shopping App for KYC, DAF Process[/note]
  • Download “Vestige Shopping App”.
  • Enter your “Distributor Id” and “Password” then simply login into Vestige Shopping App Login. 
  • After logging, Scroll Down and click on “Add distributor”.
  • Enter you “Valid Upline Id” (Distributor name will appear on the screen)

Contact Detail-

  • Select Country- India
  • Enter Pincode-Eg.125XXX
  • Select  State- Eg. Haryana
  • Select  City- Eg.Hisar
  • Enter  Mobile Number and Email ID- Eg.999XXXX906 or [email protected]
  • Enter Address (House no. Street name, locality)-Eg. H.No. 123, Shiv Mandir, Hisar

Personal Details-

  • Select Title
  • Enter the First Name
  • Enter Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Select Gender

Create Password-

  • Enter a password with a combination of a capital letter, numerical number, and a special character.
  • Confirm the same password

Spouse Detail-

Enter Spouse name or left blank if you don’t have

Select Your Distributor ID-

  • Now select any of providing Distributor ID and click on sign up to complete Add Distributor Process.

After hitting save, the new id will be created and a pop-up message will appear on the screen with your co-distributor login id.

The new distributor got the id and password on their registered mobile number. Now after adding a distributor you have to complete the following things to go further-

3 Steps to complete after Registration-

  1. Completing KYC (Know your customer)
  2. Submitting DAF (Distributor application form)
  3. Bank Account Details and Pan Card

If you don’t know how to do these steps, don’t worry we posted all the details latter in the post below so don’t forget to check it from below.

Now its all done for Adding a new distributor, now the major step is to doing KYC (know your customer). Here are steps to doing Vestige KYC-

How to complete the Vestige KYC Process-

  • Open the “Vestige Shopping App” and click on three lines on the left side of the screen app
  • Select My KYC
  • Documents Type- Ask your downline member to provide any legal documents i.e. Aadhar Card, Voter’s Identify card, Driving License, Ration Card, Passport, and others
  • Please fill Document Number- Enter the id number that the person will provide you, it will completely depend upon you.
  • Choose images- Upload the govt. id proof that the person has given you (Front side and backside)
  • Click Upload and that’s it. Your KYC has been done successfully.

You have successfully Uploaded the KYC to Vesige Portal. 😀 

How to Submit Vestige DAF Form Online-

Vestige Shopping App has launched many new features in the latest updates and one of them is DAF FORM Submission. Now you can submit your DAF form from the Shopping App as well.

DAF stands for a Distributor Application Form which is mandatory for every distributor to submit to Vestige company.

Whenever, any person added to any downline id, there an SMS that asks the person to submit their application form within 7 days’ time.

Now after Vestige Pos Upgrading, customers can fill and submit its DAF form online. Here are the steps-

  • First of all, you have to get the DAF form from any Mini DLCP Branch, vestige office or you can download it from below and it will look like this-

Download Vestige DAF Form.pdf-

Download Vestige DAF Form.pdf Online


Step 1-

    • Now download the form and print out it.
    • “Fill the form” as we fill it in the above procedure
    • Mention all details of the “new distributor”.
    • After filling all the details, you have to provide “Govt. legal id” ( Aadhar, Pan or Passport) to get verified in Vestige 
    • Print out the documents with the sign attached to it.

Step 2-

    • Open the “Vestige Shopping Android App” and on the left side click on three line option which will enable you to open the “DAF Details” Section
    • Upload DAF for Self ( if you want to for your id)/ Downline ( if you want it for your any new downline member)
    • Distributor  Downline Id- Enter your downline id
    • Now upload the photos of two documents ( Filled DAF Form & Legal Documents).
    • Done! You successfully did the DAF submitting procedure.
[note note_color=”#29144b” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”9″]To Know more about Vestige DAF you can read this article-Vestige DAF Form Information, Apply, Terms and Conditions in Hindi[/note]

So it becomes easy to submit DAF with the Vestige Android app. If you still face any problem in Vestige Login, Registration, or in submitting KYC in Vestige Portal you can contact us.

How to update Bank and PAN Detail in Vestige?

To update your Bank and PAN Details you have various options available from Vestige. You can Mail to [email protected] with a “Subject of mail to be”Update my Bank and PAN Details by mentioning your Name and Vestige ID.

Also, you can go to the Vestige Official Website You have to log in to your Vestige ID and you will get the option to “Upload your Bank and PAN Details” there.

Updation Time-It will take at least 10-15 days to update your Bank and PAN Details.

How to Add/Join New Distributors/Login/Register on Vestige Online Shopping App?

For More Information, 📞 Click on our WhatsApp Icon

For Joining-

I will need the following details for creating your

  • ID: (You may SMS/WhatsApp me the details)
  • Full name:
  • Mobile no:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Email id:
  • Address:
  • Also, send a photo of your Aadhar card (front and back).

Vestige App New Update Aug 2020-

The New Updated Vestige App has shown a variety of New Features among the Vestige Distributors. This App now contains all the work of VESTIGE POS, VESTIGE, and VESTIGE BEST DEALS Apps. Here are some great features of this App we are telling you-

  • My PV and Group PV and My Network- Vestige makes their App in a very stylish way showing the Distributor’s Information in a very unique way. Recommendation and Refer A Friend options are also AVAILABLE NOW
  • Add Distributor- Now you can add a new distributor from this app, Vestige POS app is not needed now and you can also do KYC via this app. KYC Process is given in this article already.
  • Shop By Category- Vestige New App offers you to do shopping from this one destination app. According to Brands, Price, or PV you can analyze your various Vestige Products.
  • My PV and Group PV- You can get all the PV Information Month to Month GRAPHICALLY. You can analyze how your downlines are working.
  • Training- All the information regarding Training is also available on this App now. You can see various big and small training as a Vestige Distributor.
  • Success Stories- All the Vestige Ambassadors and their story of Vestige is also attached with this App to inspire the Vestige Distributors. It’s also a great thing in the New App Update.
  • Home, Car and Trip Winners- Vestige now shows how many Vestige Leaders have bought Car or Home and went to foreign trips with Vestige. The list is updated every week. Now, this is something really good.
  • Top Brands- It shows all the Vestige Attached Brands and their Products in detail. There’s also a buy now option available everywhere with the products so you can do shopping easily.

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