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Vestige Marketing Company has moved a step towards being fully digital. Just a few days ago Vestige Marketing Company has given the opportunity to open Vestige Mini DLCP Mini DLCP to Distributor Distributor through its website.

Now everything related to Vestige Mini DLCP Mini DLCP will be online which used to be offline earlier. This will save you time and work faster.

Today Vestige Marketing Company has more than 5500 distributor centers in India alone.  So let us tell you about Vestige Mini DLCP Online Apply in detail about how to apply online-

How to Open Vestige Mini DLCP 2020? Registration Process-

  1. First of all, you have to go to the Official Vestige Website.
  2. In the upper-right part of the website, you will see the option of Login into vestige Account Options click on it.
  3. After that, fill your Vestige Distributor ID and Password in it, after that click on Login.
  4. Your profile will open. After that, you will see the option of Mini DLCP Application Form in the middle towards the top, click on it.

Vestige Mini DLCP Full Form (Distributed Least Congested Path)

5.There you will find the Mini DLCP Form. Your main information will be already saved there.

6.If your main information such as name, address, bank, and pen card details are not there, first fill them in and update them. You cannot fill the mini DLCP form until you update them.

7.After updating the general information, you will have to fill the details of Mini DLCP below.

8.After that, you have to upload the photos of the building where you have to open the mini DLCP. After that, you click on submit.

9.The company will take a few days after that and further proceedings will begin via email. Email takes at least 15 days to arrive.

How do you get vestige mini DLCP?

After about 15 days, an email and call come from the Vestige Company, from which your Vestige New DLCP Opening Request is started. Through this email, your further process starts.

Vestige New DLCP Open Process, Terms, and Conditions are all written in this email. Now you have to send the following things to Vestige by email-


  1. Vestige DLCP Form
  2. Building Pics All-Around (5-6 Photos of your Building from inner as well as Outer and from the roadside)
  3. Rent Agreement
  4. Building Roadmap
  5. Bank Account (Current Bank A/c)
  6. PAN Card
  7. Your Personal ID (Aadhar card/Pan Card/Voter Card)
  8. Passport Photo


You have to send all these things via email to Vestige Head Office and Vestige State Head Branch and others, which are told to you in the email itself. This process also takes 10 to 15 days to complete.

After this, you get another email from the Westies asking for the following items, and all the details related to it are given to you-

  • Ready Building Photo  Vestige Building (with furniture, table, and other items)
  • FSSAI invoice or license
  • Training Attended Sheets
  • Current Account Bank Details

Few Things you must consider before submitting the Mini DLCP Form-

  • Prepare the furniture according to the requirement given in the Vestige Mini DLCP Form.
  • The color of the Building should be White.
  • The table, desks in the furniture should be of black or brown color.
  • The table for meetings should be in round shape or round shape.
  • It is also necessary to have a notice board there.
  • The Vestiges DLCP requires at least 3 wood, iron, or other racks.
  • If you have a current account, it is fine, otherwise, you will have to open it.

Step 3-

The process of the FSSAI License and Training Attended Sheet will start when you complete two other tasks and send this email to Vestige State Head Branch by email.

After that, the State Head Branch will provide your FSSAI License License and Training Attended Sheet.

Read-Vestige Head Office Branches Address All Over India Full Details and Information

When you give the complete photos of the prepared Vestige DLCP and current account information to them, then all the work of your DLCP training and FSSAI license will also be started by the State Head Branch.

If you do not make an FSSAI License license yourself, it would be better because it will be made according to the Vestiges company in which you will work as a person. Allow this work to be done by the vestiges Company itself. All the related documents will be sent to you by mail only.

For this license and Vestige DLCP, these items will be sent to you in the mail, which you have to fill and send back by mail.

  • FSMS Sheet
  • Vestige Form 9
  • Vestige Declaration
  • Aadhar Card
  • Rent Agreement/ Electricity Bill

Step 4-

Along with this, the Vestige State Head Branch will inform you about depositing money for opening the Vestige Mini DLCP. You will have to send it to the account of Vestige Company through your current account.

As far as starting the Vestige DLCP is concerned. For this, you will receive an email of the Westies Agreement and the amount to be deposited by the Westies. You must send the amount through your current account only.

Both the Vestiges Agreement and the deposit receipt will have to be sent by email to you. For depositing the amount, you will get seven days’ time from the company, so it is better if you arrange the money in advance.

For sending funds, first, open an account with your Vestige DLCP in a bank. Prefer Private Bank for your current account near your Vestige DLCP to a private bank.

You will have to deposit the amount by Cheque, Bank transfer, RTGS, or NEFT  to the main State Bank of India account of the State Bank of India.

The Vestige Agreement is required to be sent to you, it will be the legal agreement Vestige DLCP statutory agreement to open your Vestige DLCP. All the conditions and other things of the Vestige will be clearly written in it.

On every page of the Vestige Agreement, on the right side,  on every page of the Vestige Agreement, you have to sign your sign. You should read and sign the agreement so that you do not face any kind of problem later.

If you are thinking of opening Vestige DLCP then these things must be kept in mind-

  1. There should be no other Mini DLCP within an area of ​​seven kilometers of the Vestige Mini DLCP opening location. This area is five kilometers in big cities.
  2. You can apply for Vestige Mini DLCP Mini DLCP at an 11% level.
  3. You can apply for it after the 11% level or before Star Director, not after Star Director.
  4. After opening the mini DLCP, you must sell more than one lakh in any one month of the initial three months, otherwise, the mini DLCP may be closed.
  5. For mini DLCP you need Rs 3.5 lakh, in this, you get 3 lakh goods and the company keeps Rs 50,000 as security.
  6. At least 400 sq. For your Vestige Mini DLCP. There must be space.
  7. You can open Mini DLCP  only on the ground or on the first floor only on Ground or First Floor.
  8. In Vestige Mini DLCP you need to have a separate place for training or meeting training or meeting.
  9. Rent agreement of the Vestige DLCP  building, photographs of the building, electricity bills, and your account information, etc. have to be given to the company.
  10. You will be eligible for Vestige Mini DLCP  only if at least 40 PV  items have been purchased by your Distributor ID for at least the last three months.

You should take care of all these things while filling the form of Vestige Mini DLCP Form Mini DLCP. If you do not fulfill any of these qualifications, you may not get the Mini DLCP.

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  1. I was interesting DLCP store in Raipur city, near bus stand 0.5km. Mani Branch Vestige office is about 4km . DLCP store Rajivee Nagar, Sankar Nagar Road,
    situated, I am Ishwar Lal Keram, my 11% above , Please send my Vestige Co. Term condition my Email ID

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