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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12-

Hello Friends, the 11th episode of AOT s04 is telecasted on the official channels. From there we saw some of the interesting conversation and war but now there are more for the upcoming 12th AOT episode.

The upcoming episode of the final season is “Guides”.As we know Attack on titan’s final season has only 16 episodes and it is almost over.  This anime is in its last phase i.e. the climax stage has started. Ever since Eren declared war, we have seen the death of many people. From the trailer, it will clearly be known that the upcoming episode is coming with great fighting scenes and an epic storyline.

Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 12
Attack On Titan Season 4 Episode 12

In the last episode, we saw that Gabbi was screaming badly and Falco comes to his aid. He understands that these people are there to help you do not attack them. Because before that Gabbi killed a soldier who came to help him.

Hearing Gabbi or Falco’s voice, Reiner also wakes up and thinks about where Gabbi and Falco are both. Gabbi does not trust Zeke as he has had a lot before and she addresses him as Devils. Between this, both of them run near a pond and drink water, and rest for some time.

Falco asks Gabbi if she is planning to run away from him, then she says that all these people will take her life. In this way, after some rest, both of them are ready to run away.

So in this post, we are talking about Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12 release date, where to watch online as well as preview and upcoming episode spoiler.

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Will there be Attack on titan movie 2021?

There is huge news we just got recently, According to anime news leaker, the first season of the attack on titan is ended in chapter 116 which means there will be 23 more chapters left from the manga to get adapted.

As we all know the manga is going to be end at chapter 139. Now to adapt those remaining chapters they will obviously need to make a part of two for the final season. But there is a lot of possibilities that we may get both an Attack on titan movie 2021 and the second part of the final season remaining chapters.

If they decide to release the movie first and then go for the second part then fans have to will have to wait probably till 2023 to see the ending of the attack on titan. Also if they decide to do the movie first then fans won’t have to wait that long.

The chance of getting a movie with part 2 is very high because we have seen how well the anime movies have done recently not only at the Japanese box office but also worldwide. Now the question arises are you guys willing to wait that long just to see the manga get a proper adaptation.

Release Date and Time Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 12?

The upcoming episode of Attack on titan titled “Guides” in which war is the center point is scheduled on  Monday, 01 March 2021, at 12:10 AM JST.

Also, due to different time zone, the episode may be telecast earlier or a bit late according to your time zone. In some countries, it will be releasing on 28th February which is Sunday of the next week.

It will be Monday for some countries because of the timing zone so while looking at the time to check which day of the week it is.
So we are sharing AOT S4E12 schedule according to various regions around the world so you’re able to watch a live stream of the Boruto Episode.

Location Time
Central European Time (European Countries) SNK S4 Episode 11 10 PM Sunday {Feb 28}
Indian Standard Time (India) 3 AM Monday {March 01}
Pacific Standard time (America/Canada) 1 PM 

Where to Watch Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Ep 11?

To watch all episodes of Attack on titan you have to buy a subscription from the official partners of Attack on titans.

There are various legal channels or partners that provide access to stream and download Attack on titans episode 12 season 4  mp4 on your mobile device for offline.  

These are  CrunchyrollAnimeLabFunimation, and Netflix.  Just tuned into the channel and enjoy the HD episode in your desired screen resolution 720p,480p, or any you want.

But to watch free you can join our telegram channel as we providing an online live stream of AOT episodes.

Previously in Season 4 Episode 11-

Falco gets the sound of Gabi Screaming and goes to see what has happened. He sees that Gabi is rolling badly on the floor. Falco asks him what has happened and he comes upon one of the soldiers to help him.

Gabi kills that helping soldier and that soldier dies at the same time. Falco tries to explain to him. But Gabi runs away towards the load. Gabi tells Falco that they were trying to make him die. Falco says that they were worried about your help. Gabi tells Falco that she should not try these devils.

Also, they should not try Zeke. Reiner wakes up inside the prison and tells them that he is hearing Gabi and Falco’s voice. He was thinking that Gabi and Falco had said. At the same time, both of them run to a pond and run after drinking some water.

Falco feels happy that he has reached here. He tells Gabi to take off his armband. Gabi says that no ordinary people here know what this armband is. But Falco says that any Soldier can know what this armband is and Gabi says that no rural Soldier is this armband of the public. Falco worries that if someone finds out that armband, they will catch them. Falco says that he doesn’t even know how to get back to Marley.

Gabi tells Falco that they are not going back and they will find Zeke and go to him. Gabi doesn’t want to die or also catch by the soldiers before knowing the answers to their questions from Zeke.

Gabi wants to know if Zeke betrayed him or Marley. Gabi wants to know why Zeke did this. Gabi tells Falco not to follow her and can do what she wants to do. Falco agrees but wants to get off his armband.

South marleyan-

Falco takes off Gabi’s armband and Gabi kills him by pushing him to the ground. She tells Falco to give her armband back and Falco refuses. Gabi tells her that she is a good elder and without an armband, she is like the devils of this island. Gabi retrieves the armband and tells Falco to be alone with her.

Gabi tells Falco not to follow her if she is not to die. Suddenly a woman comes and asks them what they are doing. Gabi wants him to die with a stone because he is afraid that the woman should not report him.

But the woman welcomes him to her house and asks them to eat. She sees a horse to Gabi and she tells Falco that he can help her to run away from her. Falco asks him to keep calm and he says he will take care of everything. Gabi says that she will not eat food with those devils but Falco gets convenience from her. When both of them are inside, the man whose horse they are, asks Izzat who these two are.

Falco tells them that he is Ben and tells Gabi to be Mia and the man tells them whether both of them have run away from their house.

The man finds out that he is from Marley by listening to their language. Falco says that he is Mia’s brother and a lot happened to him when he was with his parents and he ran away from home. He takes permission from the owner of the house to let both of them stay in this house for a few days and he will help them in their work. He was shocked by the behaviour of Gabi.

First flying boat

At the same time, Kiyomi finalized her deal with Dhalis. Kiyomi congratulates Dhalis for her Marley campaign. He said that Hizuru was nothing but watching the bravery of Eldia’s nation. Kiyomi was praised and welcomed by Dhalis on the world’s most dangerous island. Kiyomi says that she wants to see that danger herself.

Dhalis asks if he wants to see a flying boat that uses Ice burst stone as fuel. They want to see the power of rumbling well. At the same time, Hange questions why Eren Yeager is in prison. And at the same time, they also ask why the other people are also in prison. Hange leaves him saying that things have changed and he is now in another world.

Inside the building, Hange questions his comrades about who has leaked the information. He says why he will do this and he has told them and he was still following the plan given by Zeke. His time meets Falco and Gabi Kaya who shows him the city that the Titans attacked four years ago.

In this way, a lot happens in the previous episodes, which you can see on Crunchyroll. So now that the AOT final season Episode 12 time and release date are finally out, stay patient and wait for when the English subbed version airs.

Attack on titan s4 ep 11 Spoilers and Preview-

The next episode of the attack on titan is going to be very exciting. In the next episode, the Reiner, and all his titan companions ask their Marley army that Gabi and Falco have said as well as talk a lot about Zeke.

The same Eren is kept in prison where there are many questions from him, the same Armin also thinks a lot about Eren.

On the other hand, will Eren lose the confidence of his comrades in the next episode Attack on titan s04 Ep11? It will be interesting to see how the story turns.

Falco and Gabi where there is also an attack in the building. The next episode is going to be quite exciting.

In Shingeki No Kyojin S4 episode 12,We can get to see a lot of turning points in the upcoming episodes. As the teaser shows, the war has started and this war is going to be a moment of truth..

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  • When will it be released? Episodes are releasing weekly on Crunchyroll, every Sunday.
  • How many episodes will there be? It’s not officially confirmed but as we get the information we will update you as soon as possible.
  • What resolution can I watch in? 1080p for subscribers, and 480p for those viewing for free
  • What is the Episode Title? “Guides
  • How to watch free? Join Our Telegram for free service

AOT Final Season Latest Episode: subbed or dubbed?

As we already said that all-new episodes are Released on the subbed version but you can read all the subtitles below the videos. So visit Crunchyroll for the HD episodes mp4 with Japanese voice but English subtitles. Dubbed episode might be released after several weeks of Subbed episodes on Funimation.

Are you excited for the 12th episode of Attack on titans season 4 episodes online? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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